As the safety measures for our clients and massage therapists have evolved since the last few months, please review the following procedures to ensure better protection for yourselves and our therapists. Any modifications to these procedures will be updated on this page for future reference.


Our massage therapist:


  • Will not display any symptoms of COVID 19 for at least 2 weeks
  • Any massage therapist suspected to have been exposed to COVID 19 will stop seeing clients immediately
  • No massage therapist will have traveled within the past 30 days
  • They wash their hands on arrival and departure
  • They will wear a mask from start to finish
  • Carry disinfectant gel and wipes
    The massage table is disinfected between each session
  • Will handle used sheets in a separate bag


Do not book a session if:

  • You are experiencing any symptoms of COVID 19
  • Have travaled internationally within the last 30 days
  • Have any member of your household that might have been exposed


When booking a session:


  • Take a shower just before your session
  • Provide the facilities for the massage therapist to wash their hands
  • If you have pets, keep them in another room
  • The mask must be worn by clients except for the duration of the treatment which requires its removal.



Frequently Asked Questions.Here are some questions commonly asked by clients.
What type of payments do you accept?

We mainly take interact transfers to our business email. We also accept payment in cash, or in case you only have a credit card, we will send you an invoice on the day of the massage which can be paid by credit card. Please notify us in advance if this is the case.

How can I redeem my gift card?
You can check your gift certificate balance and find all the information on how to redeem it on ="">this page.
Do you give insurance receipts to children?
Of course, we do!
Most of the time, if you have insurance your children also do! 
The only exception is if you did not take the family plan, most of the time families have the family plan. Some insurance needs a prescription from the Doctor. If this is your case, ask your family doctor for a prescription. 
Do you give insurance receipts?
Yes we give insurance receipts in:
Massage Therapy & Kinésithérapie
We are also an approved provider for direct billing with Blue Cross.
How should I be dressed in the sauna?
You can wear a bathing suit or your underwear (top).
Which regions do you cover?
We currently cover Montreal, Laval, South shore and North shore. 
At what age do you start massaging kids?
The age 3 is an appropriate age to start a full body 30 minutes massage. We also massage Toddlers and babies (They usually take less time)
What do you bring?
We bring everything you need to enjoy an in-home massage.
Our table massage is a heavy-duty foam mattress. It can hold up to 1000 pounds. 
We bring all the bedsheets, oil, essential oil, music, files, heated mattress... 
The only thing we will need is a comfortable space in your home.
Should we wear a bathrobe?
We completely recommend having a bathrobe with you. This is the pleasure of an in-home massage is to not dress up after the massage but wrap up yourself in the bathrobe.
What is your cancellation policy?

You can postpone or cancel your appointment up to 12 hours before your scheduled massage time at no charge. Postpone a massage: If you change your appointment with less than 12 hours notice, a fee of 35$ will be expected at your next appointment. Cancellation: If you cancel your appointment, with less than 12 hours notice, a fee of 50$ will be expected on your next visit.

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