We’ve all seen the footage of Google headquarters with many people lounging in ottomans, having fancy espresso, sitting on brightly coloured ergonomic chairs and private seclusion cubicles for fun.

Unfortunately, most of our workplaces don’t reflect such comfort or proper ergonomic planning, as most of us have an office chair adjustable in height if we’re lucky and a standing desk that’s supposed to be. To be adequate for our greatness.

Most office work environments are poor, and prolonged periods of sitting can have highly damaging effects on an employee’s body and affect their stress levels and productivity.

However, conscious and responsible employers can tackle these factors by implementing preventative solutions such as massage sitting on a chair in their workplace.


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Why is it beneficial to have massage therapy sessions at work?

Including massage therapy sessions in a working day meets the needs of employees. It also has a positive effect on the overall level of stress in the workplace.

Conversely, the physical and psychological impacts of working life can be strongly influenced by the stress level at work and can have repercussions in terms of increased absenteeism.

The statistics are there to prove it. Absenteeism is reduced to 10 days per employee annually, costing the Canadian economy more than $ 40 billion in wages and lost productivity, not to mention rising health care costs.

Decreased worker satisfaction and increased pressure on workers to take over when others are absent are other consequences that can dramatically increase stress levels in the workplace.

Stress can arise from many sources, such as a heavier workload when deadlines are tighter, when certain positions are cut or when employees feel pressured to devote more time and effort, which directly impacts their life outside of work.

Often, many of these sources of stress cannot be avoided. On the other hand, the way a company manages them could significantly improve productivity and consequently its profits. But in reality, this is an area that is largely overlooked until it is far too late.


The simplicity and ease of having massage therapy sessions at work

Large companies, especially those that focus on sales, have an increased risk of burnout syndrome among their employees. This extreme state of physical and emotional exhaustion in response to chronic stress can occur in people who have rapid social interaction, with a high workload, which can cost a company considerably in the short term and days away, but also in the long term.

Chair-seated massage in the workplace has been shown to reduce emotional exhaustion, anxiety levels and boost employee morale. Most often, the employee will notice the psychological benefits long after the massage, as the predominant emphasis is the physical pain and discomfort that is common among many employees.

As mentioned earlier, it could be due to the physical environment and time spent sitting. Still, their psychological stress can also manifest in their bodies, including headaches, mental fatigue, insomnia, and sleepiness: other muscle and joint pain or increased tension in the neck and shoulders.

For this reason, seated massages are often the choice of preference, as they allow the massage therapist to focus more effectively on those problem areas, which are the neck and shoulders.

Seated massages have proven to be the most beneficial method in the workplace because they are convenient, quick to set up, and less overwhelming if space is an issue. How often a workplace can implement massage therapy will be determined mainly by the budget allocated for employee well-being.

Other work environments are as, if not more stressful, but are often overlooked. It’s no secret that nurses and educators have extremely psychologically stressful and often physically exhausting jobs. Research has shown that it is possible to reduce psychological stress levels among nurses and educators by having something as short as a 15-minute weekly massage.

While the research has not extrapolated further, it could be safely assumed that a decrease in psychological stress would result in happier and more productive staff taking fewer sick days and making fewer mistakes throughout the shift. Daytime.


How to receive our massages sitting on a chair?

The situation is clear. Save additional time and money now by offering massages sitting on a chair in the workplace is a win-win solution for everyone.

Doing it before employees start to burn out and take sick leave or before the workplace becomes a stressful and potentially toxic environment will save businesses money, headaches and costs. Will improve overall job satisfaction.

Spa Mobile can come to your work knowing that we will improve your employees’ workday and your productivity. We provide massages on-site for 10, 15, 20 minutes or whatever time suits you.

If you are a business owner or the manager of any department, seriously consider setting up regular massages for your employees, and they will thank you for thinking of them.

And if you are an employee, pass this article on to your boss without giving him an order, but asking him a question like for example: “If I knew of an easy and very affordable way to improve the productivity and profitability of the company while bringing benefits to employees would you like me to tell you about it?

It can’t hurt to try, can it?


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