In-home group massage therapy for your event

Are you looking to gain the attention of certain people during a particular event?

Do you want to promote your services or products in a more human and unique way?

Probably, you may never have thought of massage as a way to promote your brand.

In fact, massage is a great marketing tool. It can be used to engage potential customers at events, it gives people a pleasant experience and a sense of well-being which creates a positive impression on your business or organization.

You can book our massage therapists today to offer massages on behalf of your company at your next event and set yourself apart from your competition!


In-home group massage therapy for your event


What events work best for mobile massage?

After numerous partnerships with companies at all kinds of events such as trade shows, conferences, corporate events, concerts, festivals, bachelorette parties, weddings, sporting events and charities, it’s hard to say which one delivers the best return.

They are all excellent!

Mobile or onsite massage is always extremely popular and we have a range of configurations to match different types of events and budgets. Everything can be customized to meet your needs.

The simplest is the massage sitting on a chair, suitable and practical for any type of event. On some occasions, we may transport our tables to offer more relaxing massages to your guests, attendees or potential customers.

Sessions of 15, 20 or 30 minutes are sufficient per person to reach as many people as possible in order to obtain an excellent return on investment.

So if you are attending or organizing an event of any kind, why not Contact us to see what we can offer you?


In-home group massage therapy for your event


Your choice of massages

Our group of massage therapists are passionate and caring without making false promises. There are many massages to choose from for you and our booking process is quick, efficient and no deposit. We invite you to first consult our price list and then choose the type of massage that might be suitable for the intended people.


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