In-home massage therapy for pregnant women

In recent years, more and more women recognize the benefits of massage therapy during pregnancy. It was once seen as a form of alternative therapy but has become an increasingly popular way for women to reduce pregnancy discomfort.

Pregnancy is a very precious time in a woman’s life, but it can also be overwhelming and intimidating, both physically and mentally.

During this passage of time, massage therapy for pregnant women can provide you with comfort and physical relief, soothing relaxation as well as much-appreciated comfort. After all, your body is designed to adapt and change during pregnancy as well as in the postpartum period.


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What does massage therapy for pregnant women involved?

One of the most popular forms of massage for pregnant women uses principles based on Swedish massage techniques. This is because of its particular benefits in reducing muscle tension and improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

At Spa Mobile, our experienced massage therapists use aromatherapy oils and burn incense to intensify the sensory experience. There are, however, a range of oils that should be avoided, as they can cause uterine contractions. These include oregano, nutmeg, peppermint, thyme, basil, sage, and rosemary. You may prefer the massage therapist to use unscented oils.

How much skin you expose during your massage is completely up to you. Some women are comfortable wearing very little clothing, while others want to cover up more. However, it should be borne in mind that for you to get the most out of your massage, the therapist must be able to access most of your skin’s surface.


What makes prenatal massage different?

Prenatal massage differs from general massage in that there can be risks if particular pressure points are stimulated. These are located in your wrists and ankles. Massaging them can stimulate the uterus and start to contract. There must also be sensitivity and gentleness by the therapist, which also considers the baby.

Some couples call on a massage therapist to give them both a massage, and they find it a good way to connect and improve their relationship.


The difficulty of lying down to receive a prenatal massage

The equipment required for prenatal massage may be a little different from the standard individual massage therapy. During a prenatal massage, the body’s position is important to maximize the effectiveness of the massage and benefit fully from it. We recommend a lying position on the side for pregnant women during the massage.

Current research supports the use of standard massage tables rather than those with a hole cut out to accommodate the pregnant belly. The holes can allow the abdomen to hang down without support and cause stretching of the uterine ligaments.

However, if tables or pillows are used, they should not be used for long periods of time. Our massage therapists know that you shouldn’t lie in the same position for too long to avoid feeling uncomfortable. Lying on your back after the first trimester is not recommended, so your positioning will be limited to your stomach or sides.

We offer a mobile massage service to your home, and we have portable massage tables that fold up into a suitcase. Check out our massage rates before making an appointment. If you do not feel safe or unstable on the massage table due to the size of your pregnant belly, we invite you to talk to our massage therapist.


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