Relaxing and therapeutic massages delivered directly to your door.

Being understood above all

Understanding your needs and concerns allows us to determine the massage that’s right for you.

Relaxing and therapeutic massages delivered directly to your door.

Being heard during

Our massage therapists will ask you questions to determine the ideal pressure for your well-being.

Relaxing and therapeutic massages delivered directly to your door.

To be confirmed after

We will contact you after your massage to assess your level of satisfaction and receive your comments.




We offer you a $20 discount for your second massage and also for your third massage.

Our 8 types of massage at home

Relaxing massage

Do you spend much of the day caring for your family, home and daily tasks? Are you stressed at work to fulfill your responsibilities? Are you demanding too much of yourself and the people around you?

Therapeutic massage

Do you suffer from chronic pain in any part of your body? Do you have any knots or tension in your muscles? Are you suffering from tendonitis, bursitis or an old injury? What is your posture, arthritis or mobility?

Deep tissue massage

Tired of enduring chronic muscular pain? Are you desperate to live with bad posture? Do you often suffer from a stuck sciatic nerve? Do you have deep wounds in your soft tissues?

Sports massage

Do you want to perform better in your sport or discipline without injuring yourself? Would you like to recover more quickly after an intense workout? Worried about feeling tired after overtraining? Would you like to be optimally prepared before a competition?

Reflexology massage

Troubled by lack of sleep and sleepless nights? Troubled by migraines that interfere with your good mood? Tired of constipation or diarrhea? Are you tormented by stress and anxiety? Are you frustrated by muscle pains that make you tense?

Lymphatic massage

Do you often suffer from chronic infections? Do you suffer from water retention that causes certain parts of your body to swell? Do you suffer from recurrent, troublesome skin conditions that prevent you from living well? Do you regularly suffer from sinus congestion?

Chair massage

Do you often find your employees complaining about their work posture or feeling stressed? How many employees take time off for neck, shoulder or back pain? If you’re an event organizer, are you looking for ways to grab attention?

Face massage

Are you struggling with tired facial features that bother you and age you? Do you suffer from acne, infections or other skin rashes on your face? Do you have bags under your eyes and more and more wrinkles on your face?

Relaxing and therapeutic massages delivered directly to your door.

Why choose Spa Mobile?


Passion and experience

Our therapists are passionate about what they do, and all have the necessary certification and experience in massage therapy.


Care and compassion

Passion without compassion is useless. Our massage therapists listen to your concerns, feelings and desires.


A unique solution

What’s the point of proposing solutions if, somehow, we forget to act on what generates the same regrettable conditions in all unconsciousness?


No promise

We put our energies into what we can control, and that’s not a promise but a commitment to do good for you.


Efficient booking

We have a highly efficient system for booking appointments and tracking the location of the massage therapist by GPS, which guarantees service.


No deposit required

You only pay after the massage session, so there’s no doubt about the services you’ve received.

Relaxing and therapeutic massages delivered directly to your door.

About us

My name is Claudia; I’m the owner and massage therapist at Spa Mobile. We help couples relax with an innovative in-home massage experience.

These sessions are entirely personalized, and we use a blend of technology and human contact to help people choose the massage that suits them, the music they like, the scents that satisfy them and the gifts they prefer to give them – their loved ones.

What our customers say about us

Relaxing and therapeutic massages delivered directly to your door.

Nana Poeung

I’m used to getting massages at home, but Mathias offered me an extra service! I loved it, and it perfectly relaxed the muscles that needed it! I recommend and will definitely use the team for my next massages!

Relaxing and therapeutic massages delivered directly to your door.

Stephanie Raymond

It was a fantastic experience! We’ll be sure to reschedule with Spa Mobile. Marie-Constance was very professional and attentive to my concerns and desires, one of the best massages I’ve ever received! Many thanks!

Relaxing and therapeutic massages delivered directly to your door.

Eric Lasanté

It’s been several years since I’ve had a massage with Claudia from the Spa Mobile team, and I feel compelled to take the time to write a review to say what a value-added online appointment booking is. And get a massage at home.

Relaxing and therapeutic massages delivered directly to your door.

Mezouri Hanane

This is the first time, and certainly not the last, that I’ve used Spa Mobile’s services. Matthias was warm, professional and attentive to my needs; what could be better than a massage at home! The procedure was well explained in advance. Thank you very much.

Do you have any concerns?


Will the massage therapist arrive on time?

If there’s one thing that bothers people, it’s not sticking to a meeting schedule. It tells us something about a person’s lack of credibility, seriousness or good manners. Arriving late, justifying yourself for all sorts of reasons or not phoning to give notice is a sign of a lack of compassion. We have a GPS system that lets people know exactly where we are, so they can see in real time where the massage therapist is on his or her way to your home.


Is a massage a useless expense that does nothing?

Many people see massages as a luxury reserved for the rich, while others see them as an unnecessary service, and the money could be used for other things they need. Your health is not a luxury. Don’t you just love a good night’s sleep? To get rid of muscle aches and pains, to get rid of those chronic migraines or to relieve stress? How much money do you spend on painkillers, or how much income do you lose in sick days at work? Don’t you think it’s ridiculous to spend so many hours in a hospital waiting room? We offer price reductions if you are more than one person and if you book several days of massage.


Do I have to take off my underwear during a massage?

Many people prefer to be completely naked when receiving a massage, while others prefer to keep their underwear on. It’s up to you, and you’re encouraged to undress until you feel comfortable. Tight or bulky undergarments can sometimes be a hindrance to the massage therapist, especially for the lower back, buttocks or hips. Women generally remove their bras so that the straps don’t interfere with back and shoulder massage. Our massage therapists ensure that you are always properly covered with a sheet or towel, and that your genitals are never exposed.


Why are the benefits of massage temporary?

Some people like massages, but they don’t like the fact that the benefits are temporary. It is true, but there is nothing permanent in life, everything is temporary. You can eat a great meal, but you’ll be hungry again. You may get a good night’s sleep, but you’ll be tired again the next day. When you brush or wash your teeth, you have to start all over again. Massages are indeed temporary solutions, but that doesn’t mean they’re not useful. Chronic headaches, stiff neck, backache, stress and other ailments don’t go away on their own.


Will I be embarrassed if I’m overweight?

Many overweight people feel vulnerable, embarrassed or uncomfortable about receiving a massage. In fact, almost everyone has appearance problems because we want to look our best and hide all our flaws. If massage therapists only worked with athletes, actors and models, most of them would quickly go out of business. All massage therapists have had to deal with their own body problems and have learned that the body is a wonderful, amazing creation. They’re non-judgmental and want to help you get more out of life. Massage helps you get a good night’s sleep, eliminates muscular pain, reduces stress, relieves headaches and contributes to better self-esteem. It helps motivate you to eat better and exercise more.

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No deposit required

Your massage at home