Massage sitting on a chair: Why do you want this type of massage?

Do you often see your employees complaining about their posture at work or feeling stressed to achieve your business goals?

How many employees take time off for neck, shoulder and back pain related to their job?

If you are an event planner, are you looking for original ways to capture attendees or potential clients?

No matter what business or event you run, what really matters in realizing your interests isn’t always offering people physical products in return but offering services that make them feel good.

Chair massage is an immediate and beneficial way to do good for your group of employees, attendees or clients and is great for adding value to your business or special event.

At Spa Mobile, we offer a massage service sitting on a chair that can be delivered in an office, a meeting room, or a quiet area of a large open space.



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How important is a chair massage?

The workforce in Canada is one of the busiest and most active in America. The average Canadian works more than 45 hours a week and is undoubtedly mentally and physically tired.

Therefore, it is imperative that companies or organizers now do everything possible to help their staff or participants stay fit and healthy to accomplish their task or actively participate in an event, which can be easily achieved through the use of massage sitting on a chair.

However, companies and organizers need to understand that this helps and is beneficial physically and mentally. People who receive this type of treatment feel valued and cared for and, therefore, inevitably work or participate more productively and earnestly, as those in charge take care of them.

Why not reward the hard work and dedication of your employees? Why not show that the presence of people is important to you? One of the best ways to relieve stress and feel good is a massage while sitting in a chair.

Our chair seated massage is a treatment specially designed to provide massages, often short duration, to employees, participants, or clients. It is applied on a portable chair that can be set up anywhere.

The chair is adapted to each individual. It allows complete relaxation by relieving the back, head, and neck muscles, which are constantly working when people are in a sitting position at their desks.


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Chair massage pays off for your business

Millions of working days are lost each year due to stress, anxiety and depression. An even higher number of absences is caused by muscle pain.

Taking steps to reduce stress and muscle fatigue is important to the financial health of businesses by taking care of employees and thus reducing absenteeism in your organization.

Chair massage in the workplace, especially regularly, can have an incredibly positive impact on the well-being of your employees, which can only be good for your business.

Indeed, in addition to helping your employees reduce their level of stress, it immediately brings important physical well-being, which contributes to increasing productivity by reducing the long breaks of fatigue or pain and the holidays.

Work-related stress, depression, or anxiety are negative reactions people have to the pressures and undue demands placed on them at work.

We offer relaxing massages and therapeutic massages to your employees so that they feel good about doing their jobs and fulfilling their responsibilities with dedication.


Seated massage at work


Massage improves the health and well-being of your employees in several ways:

  • It relieves muscle tension in the upper body;
  • It stimulates blood circulation in the massaged areas;
  • It reduces stress;
  • It helps with concentration and attention;
  • It improves posture at work.


The chair massage is magic for your event.

The chair seated massage is the perfect addition to many events. Often used as a promotional tool, it is great for exhibitions, trade shows, and product promotions.

If you want to improve the experience of your visitors, offer them relaxing massages, and reflexology massages are our specialties at conferences, corporate events, outdoor days and festivals.

Our professional mobile massage therapists are all qualified and bring what they need to do the massage. We can work virtually anywhere.


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How is the massage done while sitting on a chair?

It is not necessary to undress, as no oil or cream is used for massage therapy treatments. It’s a quick, clean, and easy way for workplaces or other special events that bring together multiple people.

Each individual is required to complete a historical health check before her massage to ensure that our massage therapists are aware of any injury or illness of an employee, participant, or client to take better care of people.

Then, our massage therapists apply soothing massage techniques along the back, neck, arms, shoulders, and head to feel relaxed at the level of the muscles and feel relieved from stress and psychic tensions.

We tailor our massages to relax and revitalize the individual so that our massage therapists end each session with several light movements to energize the individual and be invigorated, refreshed, and ready to resume—their activities.


Massage sitting on a chair


Custom-made and personalized seated massages

At Spa Mobile, we believe that each person is unique, and we want everyone to get the best benefits from their massage therapy treatment with us. Our massage therapists modify the seated chair massage to suit the conditions and intentions of your group of people and create a routine tailor-made for them.

For example, if a person has tight shoulders or a sore lower back, they can ask our massage therapists to focus more on that area, and we provide suitable treatment so that they feel their best.

In addition, our massage therapists always adjust the massage pressure according to the desire of each individual and according to their preferences.


How long do massage therapy treatments last?

The length of chair seated messages may vary depending on your request, but our standard treatment times are 15, 20 and 30 minutes per person.

In fact, we travel by the number of hours requested and by the number of massage therapists desired.


Benefits of seated massage


What are the benefits of massage sitting in a chair?

Chair-seated massage is specially designed to be a flexible mobile treatment and an effective way to reduce the build-up of tension in the back, neck and shoulder areas and help relieve stress.

The benefits of chair massage are numerous and have been shown to:

  • Helps reduce stress;
  • Relieves muscle pain;
  • Relaxes the muscles;
  • Relieves headaches;
  • Relieves eye fatigue;
  • Rest the body.


After treatment, you are advised to drink plenty of water and avoid stimulants like tea or coffee and encourage deep breathing and plenty of fresh air. At the end of the process, you have the possibility to give your opinion, either through our comment system or on Google Reviews.


Choose a chair massage with Spa Mobile.

Chair seated massage sessions are an ideal way to pamper your employees, attendees, or clients and are great for adding value to your business or special event.

We invite you to make an appointment with one of our massage therapists for a massage session sitting on a chair.


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