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What is Appointy used for?

Appointy is an appointment scheduling platform that clients reserve according to your schedule, services and postal code where you are going.

You can always create an appointment from the customer’s point of view to see the process. Then you can cancel the appointment after the analysis.

Do I have more details on the type of massage that the client of tomorrow wants?

The type of massage is of the type (relaxation and therapeutic). Then there are pregnant women, athletes, lymphatic drainage, reflexology and on a chair. (I will add only the first relaxation and therapeutic option for those who have the 400 hours.) This is until you are on a leash for the others after your one-on-one with Marie Constance. Or if you have the necessary training for other types of massages.

How can I have access to the client file before the appointment?

The Intake Form will be completed before the massage. If it is a new customer, then it will automatically be sent to your email. If it is an already existing customer, then Marie Constance will send it to you. Here is the link to the sheet if you want to analyze it.

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How to work with parking costs and distant km?

For the km, you who pay as a self-employed worker. You keep the receipts, and they would be deducted from your taxes.

You can choose where you want to go based on the default postcode on Appointy.

They have 4 options: Montreal, Laval, La Rive Nord and La Rive-Sud. Which you chose when you filled out the jobs form.


Is it okay if I send you a weekly invoice?

The invoice for your hours and the tip will be sent every Monday.

I will send your payment by bank transfer.

Customers pay either cash or by bank transfer.

If they pay cash, you keep the money, and the amount will be deducted from the amount owed to you on your paycheck.

If you have received more cash than pay, then you send me the remaining total by transfer.

But the invoice for your hours and the tip is necessary to send me every Monday regardless of the cash received. (Because I have to declare all the amount paid)

If the customer pays by bank transfer, I will send you the screenshot by text message of the amount with the tip received. You will add it to the tip received on the invoice. It is important to separate the items on the invoice by the customer with the date.

Is it possible to do 2 massages per day this week? And possibly 5 per day, I would be available from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m.

For the 2 massages per day, it is better to leave the schedule open, and when you have 2 massages during the day, you can close the day.

From Appointy, we can block days or parts of days. But it’s better to warn me first. (Like at the moment, I know that if you have 2 massages in a day, you will probably get stuck on that day.)

My Google calendar is working (I can see tomorrow's appointment as a duo, on the other hand the Appointy does not display it)

For the duo, they will not appear in Appointy because I cannot create a service with 2 staff with the Appointy platform. So the duos are tied only with Matthias, and I invite the second person on the Google calendar, and I block the part of the second person’s schedule.