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Many women try to prove that they are better than men.

They like to compare themselves instead of knowing each other, be attentive to them, and really do themselves well!

Is their image in front of others more important than their soul?

New research in England has found that women neglect their spine health by taking twice as long as men to seek medical help for pain.

On average, it was found that women took six weeks to see a healthcare professional for their back pain, while the men only took three weeks.


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When does back pain happen?

The study also found that women, on average, develop back pain more regularly around the age of 27, which is six years younger than men.

Despite this, a quarter of women have never seen a healthcare professional for their pain.

In addition, research results reveal that more than a third of women turn to over-the-counter drugs as their first solution, which is 12% more than their male counterparts.

In addition, they ignore simple solutions such as exercise and stretching that can prevent and improve their back condition. On the other hand, men are more likely to turn to their GP when they first experience pain.

While women are the least likely to seek help, the study found that overall, more than a third (34%) of people waited a month or more to seek help from a professional for back pain.

In addition, one in ten people continued to suffer in silence, not seeking help.


The difficulty of changing a simple routine

Simple lifestyle changes, such as stretching and incorporating more movement into your daily routine, can be an easy and effective way to keep your back pain away from you, but only 11% of men and women. Women make these changes to their usual routine when they start to experience back pain.

This tendency of women to stay “strong” and keep going is also reflected in their delay in seeking help for other health problems. Plus, men seeking professional help for joint pain, strains, and headaches do so faster than women.

For most back pain sufferers, the discomfort of back pain can be alleviated or avoided by maintaining a strong and active body that can cope with the demands placed on it, as many articles indicate in health magazines on back pain.


How can women relieve and heal their back pain?

Here are the top tips for women with back or neck pain.

Keep moving: Almost half (47%) of the women surveyed indicated that they sat still for a long time as a trigger for their pain. If you have to sit in the same position for long periods of time, at work or on a long drive, for example, try taking breaks to walk, stretch, and move your joints and muscles every 30 to 30 minutes. 60 minutes.

Go to the gym: Incorporating moderate exercise into your lifestyle will help you build a stronger body that is better positioned to meet the demands you put on it. If pain is preventing you from exercising, try a form of exercise that will put less strain on the joints while still allowing your body to move.

Stretch: Stretching can be a beneficial way to keep your joints and muscles active. A program of simple exercises can be incorporated into your daily routine to promote movement, strength and flexibility of the spine.

Get a good night’s sleep: After a busy day, sleep is essential. It is suggested that you take a few simple steps to ensure that you sleep in a comfortable position. It is recommended that you replace your mattress every seven years, and when you do, choose one that offers the right support for your body type and pillows that suit your sleeping position.

Stay light: Almost a third (32%) of women say that carrying their handbags is a key trigger for their back or neck pain. If you’re one of those people, consider trying a different bag or finding out what you’re loading it with! Choosing a handbag that can be worn as a backpack or across the body can help distribute the load. Keeping your bag light and emptying it of unnecessary items every day can also help you avoid the unnecessary weight.

Get a massage: A relaxing massage or one therapeutic massage is great for resting your body as well as your mind. Why not commit yourself in writing to your monthly routine to receive a massage at your home?


Choose massage therapists who are attentive to your situation.

If you want a unique massage to relax or free yourself from your pain, discomfort, or suffering, isn’t it wise and sensible to turn to massage therapists who know what you are doing? Live?


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