Whether jogging is for pleasure, competition, or stress relief, massage therapy effectively ensures your well-being!

Sports massage is a great way for runners to feel good and can make a big difference to those training hard for a big race.

Opinions are divided as to the best times to receive a sports or deep-tissue massage, but one thing seems consistent: not to receive a massage two days before and after the big race or event.


Here are six benefits of a sports massage for running enthusiasts


1. Prevents injury

If your main muscle groups for jogging are supple and loose, you’re less likely to have injuries. Muscles that work together are like a flexible unit and are much less likely to break, tear, stiffen, help and become sore.

Bear in mind that a regular massage can detect a minor injury before it gets any worse.


2. Treats or cares for wounds

Massage therapy can also be used to treat or heal an injury. Muscle tears often require weeks of physiotherapy to recover and heal.

However, scar tissue can cause problems, preventing the muscle fibres from binding smoothly. Knots can also form if the tissue is not massaged thoroughly, which can impair movement and recovery.


3. Increases blood flow

Blood circulation is improved because tissues’ continuous, repetitive movement towards the heart stimulates the lymphatic system. The blood supply works much better to repair the body, supplying more cells with nutrients that promote growth and repair.

It also helps eliminate waste products, especially dead cells and eliminates lingering lactic acid.


4. Improves muscle flexibility

There’s no better feeling than getting a massage in an area you don’t know is stressed. When a good therapist penetrates the deep tissues, you’ll notice the difference on your next jog.

A published study focused their massage on a single leg of a group of runners for ten weeks. After this period, they noticed that the massaged leg had gained 13% more flexibility and strength than the untreated leg.


5. Recovers from muscle pain

Most runners noted a significant reduction in muscle pain after receiving a massage. Massage stimulation increases blood flow to muscles, helps drain toxins and relaxes sore muscles and knots.


6. Provides relaxation and comfort

Remember, the soothing words of a massage therapist can make all the difference because your mind can create stress for your body.

Similarly, the knowledge that the problem is less severe than you thought is also a vital confidence booster.

Massage also releases endorphins into your body, acting as a natural painkiller. You’ll feel better because these painkillers help reduce persistent aches and pains.

Mental calm, combined with a good massage, will help you feel better, sleep well, and rest between your jogging sessions.


Choose massage therapists who are attentive to your situation.

If you want a unique massage to relax or free yourself from pain, discomfort, or suffering, isn’t it wise and sensible to turn to massage therapists who know what they are doing? Live?


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