What to expect on the day of the massage

Hi there! Thank you so much for selecting us as your in-home massage therapist. 


First off we wanted to let you know everything that will happen on the day of the treatment. But before I invite you to read our Covid info page


So here are the details of the day:

1) You will receive a confirmation 16 hours before the treatment, just as a reminder in case you forgot or need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. (Our cancellation policy is 2 hours in advance). 


2) On the day of the massage we will send you a text message stating that we are on our way. With the text message, you will receive a link which will give you access to track live updates of the therapist’s location on GPS, until she or he arrives at your location. 


3) Showing up with a smile on arrival is very important to us because it creates a warm atmosphere from the start, So being so is on our standards. (Note that we will be wearing masks during the Covid pandemic).


4) We will determine together where the massage will be held and if we have enough space. We will need at least a 4×8 feet space and a plug. Note most of the time the chosen space is in the living room, sometimes the bedroom for privacy and darkness. If you have kids, most families rather in the basement and we go through the garage (if you have one). 


5) The therapist will first install the sauna if you have chosen this option. While the sauna heats up we will put the table up. Putting everything together usually takes around 15 mins. 


6) If you choose the sauna: We will inform you about its use and temperature. We recommend bringing 2 towels, one for the seat and one by your side, cause you’ll be dripping sweat when finish ;). You can dress up in a bathing suit or in your underwear (top). The sauna is normally ready when the therapist has finished putting the table up. You can relax inside while we open the files and ask you all the necessary questions about your health etc… If you have chosen the additional 15 mins head and face massage or hand massage, it will be done after the questioning. So you’ll be in the sauna for at least 30 mins. You’ll have a crazy sweaty toxin drop moment 😉 Usually, we start feeling the sweat at around 20 mins. The good thing about receiving a 15 mins massage in the sauna is it helps you take the mind off how hot you are and more centred on the massage. After the sauna, you will put your towel on and take a nice cool shower (remember the hot and cold cycle at the spa). While you are taking your shower we will clean the sauna. 


7) If there’s no sauna: After putting the table up we will sit down (usually at the kitchen table or on the sofa) so we can discuss your health and plans for the treatment. This usually takes 15 mins per person, we normally do everyone’s files at once. If you want to fill it up in advance, here’s the link: Medical Intake Form


8) When we are ready, the therapist will ask where is the bathroom in order to clean their hands while you can get undressed and ready to go on the table. Usually, we ask to go on your stomach underneath the drapes. You can be naked or keep your underwear. We RECOMMEND bringing a bathrobe with you so you don’t need to dress up completely after the massage and extend your in-home comfort with the bathrobe. 


9) We will look and ask if your head is comfortable, if you feel the heated table and will add the long cylinder pillow order your feet. You can put your hands and arms on the armrest in front of you or on the table by your side. 


10) We will start by putting the oil (with essential oil) *Please advise us before if you don’t want any essential oil. After adding the oil that’s where we start calculating the massage time. 


11) After the massage we will leave the room so you can get dressed or put on your bathrobe. If there’s an extra person to do (couples etc) then we will fix the table after you’re done getting dress. We will start the next person right after. 


12) After finishing the treatments and everyone included in the package, we will put all the equipment back in the suitcase, usually, this will take us 15 mins. 


13) Afterwards we will sit down and create the insurance receipts (if you need any) and create the payment. Usually, the client sends us an Etransfer payment to our business email [email protected] (all the info is written on the business card we will give you when opening the files (health questions before the massage). We will also send you a payment receipt to your email or by text. 


14) Before leaving we want to know your feedback on the massage and will ask if you can give us a review to our google business account. In return, we will give you an extra 15 mins massage on your next appointment. 


We hope we gave you enough information about what to expect on the day of the treatment. 


Just as a reminder of what is recommended to have:


  • Bathrobe for after the massage
  • 2 towels and a bathing suit or underwear for the sauna
  • A space with a plug to install the table massage


Thank you and see you soon, Claudia Lasante-Lajeunesse Massage therapist and Kinésithérapeute at Spa-Mobile