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Massage For Weight Loss

10 Effective Ways Massage For Weight Loss Can Get You Slim Faster

Have you tried a dozen of weight-loss diets and techniques but nothing showed your expected results? Here are the 10 ways massage for weight loss can help you achieve your desired shape FAST.    Being overweight is never going to work in your favor. There are...

10 Best Types of Massage| Which Massage is Right for You?

Feeling stressed? Read on to learn 10 types of massage and which one can help you relieve stress.   We all, in our everyday routine, experience stress. Sometimes it’s good for us; it motivates us to accomplish our tasks and meet deadlines. And sometimes it is...
Massage For Fibromyalgia

Massage For Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a mythical disease. The sufferers of this unique malady have almost everything working in a normal pattern, yet face unexplained muscle pains and stiffness. According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, it affects 4 million people in the...
In-home Massage

Does Massage Therapy Work? Research Says Yes!

A vast majority of people across the globe believe massage therapy to be a hoax until they get it done. In this pacy world of goals and targets, a man falls prey to long stretched hours of working. This strenuous and hectic activity takes a toll on his body.  To get...

What are The advantages of Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage is one of the foremost common and effective massage therapy modalities. It is an exciting combination of light to firm gliding strokes, integrated with stretching and ranging of the joints, it's a process that promotes total relaxation and muscle...
deep tissue massage

How Deep Tissue Massage Can Help in Injuries?

Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that’s mainly done to treat musculoskeletal issues. It includes strains and sports injuries. Deep tissue massage includes providing enough pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and...
in-home massage, In Home Massage service

How To Give a Good In-home Massage for Relaxation

After doing excessive work on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that our bodies—and minds—crave a tension-releasing in-home massage to help us wind down and feel relaxed. Sometimes we just want somebody to work out the knot in our back or crick in our neck. The truth is...

How to Relieve Back Pain at Home

Back pain is increasingly one of the most common medical complaints of people everywhere, not just among the middle-aged and elderly. Young adults and teenagers are frequently seeking medical treatment for back pain, likely due to an increase in anxiety, sedentary...
Mental Health, relaxation in Home Massage

Mental Health: How In-home Massage Can Help You | Spa Mobile

Today many people face different levels of mental health. As mental health problems become more common, people are searching for more treatment options such as in-home massage therapy. Feelings of anxiety and sadness are the most common situations that can be treated...
In-Home Massage

How In-home Massage Can Help You To Feel Better

The invention of massage therapy has come a long way from the time when massages were only given to reach people at spas. Now, you can found massage therapists in clinics, drug rehabilitation centers, and even places of business. Many massage therapists also travel to...
3 Healthy Reasons For A Massage During Pregnancy

3 Healthy Reasons For A Massage During Pregnancy

Research shows that massage during pregnancy can improve your baby's health in 3 ways. Pregnancy is one of the most complicated times in a woman’s life. Full of emotional and physical swing, it is valid to expect a rollercoaster of changes. It is essential and...
5 Ways Breast Massage Helps Increase Size And Milk

5 Ways Breast Massage Helps Increase Size And Milk

Massage has always been used for healing purposes for a long time. A growing core of scientific evidence validates the countless benefits of massage for the human body. In addition to relieving joint and muscle pain, massage helps increase your breast size. Sounds...


Open 7 days a week from 10 am to 10 pm. A massotherapist at your residence in as little as 2 hours.


With one-click, you can cancel or reschedule your appointment. There is no charge if it is done as little as 12 hours in advance.


We are members of professional associations and have multiple years of experience.

Advanced technology

We love technology and use it to make your life easier. Receive a GPS link to follow your therapist while he or she is on the way to your home.

Ultimate Confort

We think about everything that will make your experience the most comfortable one. No cold feet, uncomfortable headrests, and assure you an armrest space. 

Detailed Information

Receive a detailed "What to expect" article after taking your appointment. You will know everything before it happens.
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Mobile Massage Packages



60 Minutes

For those who choose our basic 60 minutes massage. At $110

90 Minutes

For those who choose a 90-minute massage. At $150

2 Hours

For those who choose extreme relaxation in a 2-hour massage. At $190

Kids Only

2 Kids - 30 Mins Each

For those who have 2 kids wanting a massage, 30 minutes each. At $110

2 Kids - 45 Mins Each

For those children who love getting a massage, 45 mins each. At $150


Add 30$ for a Tandem (2 Massage Therapists)

60 Minutes - Couple (One after the other)

For those who choose our basic couple's 60-minutes massage. (2x60mins) at $190


90 Minutes - Couple (One after the other)

For those who choose a couple's 90-minute massage. (2x90mins) at $270

2 Hours - Couple

For those who choose the greatest relaxation in a 2-hour massage. (2x120mins) at $350


Add 30$ for a Tandem (2 Massage Therapists)


One Adult and One Child (One after the other)
60 minutes+30 minutes
For those who choose a 60-minute massage for a parent and 30 minutes for a child. At $150

One Adult and Two Children (One after the other)

For those who choose a 60-minute massage for a parent and a 30-minute massage for each of the two children. 60 mins + 2X (30 mins) At $190

Two Adults and One Child
2X (60 mins) + 30 mins 

For those who choose a massage of 60 minutes for each of the two parents and a 30 minutes massage for a child. At 230$

Two Adults and Two Children (One after the other)

For those who choose a 60-minute massage for each of the two parents and a 30-minute massage for each of the two children. 2X (60 mins) + 2X (30 mins) At $270


Add 30$ for a Tandem (2 Massage Therapists)


Three Adults (One after the other)

For those who choose a 60-minute massage for each of the three adults in the group. 3X (60 mins) At $270

Four Adults (One after the other)

For those who choose a massage for a group of 4 adults, 60 mins each at $350.


Frequently Asked Questions.Here are some questions commonly asked by clients.
What type of payments do you accept?

We mainly take interact transfers to our business email. We also accept payment in cash, or in case you only have a credit card, we will send you an invoice on the day of the massage which can be paid by credit card. Please notify us in advance if this is the case.

How can I redeem my gift card?
You can check your gift certificate balance and find all the information on how to redeem it on =””>this page.
Do you give insurance receipts to children?
Of course, we do!
Most of the time, if you have insurance your children also do! 
The only exception is if you did not take the family plan, most of the time families have the family plan. Some insurance needs a prescription from the Doctor. If this is your case, ask your family doctor for a prescription. 
Do you give insurance receipts?
Yes we give insurance receipts in:
Massage Therapy & Kinésithérapie
We are also an approved provider for direct billing with Blue Cross.
How should I be dressed in the sauna?
You can wear a bathing suit or your underwear (top).
Which regions do you cover?
We currently cover Montreal, Laval, South shore and North shore. 
At what age do you start massaging kids?
The age 3 is an appropriate age to start a full body 30 minutes massage. We also massage Toddlers and babies (They usually take less time)
What do you bring?
We bring everything you need to enjoy an in-home massage.
Our table massage is a heavy-duty foam mattress. It can hold up to 1000 pounds. 
We bring all the bedsheets, oil, essential oil, music, files, heated mattress… 
The only thing we will need is a comfortable space in your home.
Should we wear a bathrobe?
We completely recommend having a bathrobe with you. This is the pleasure of an in-home massage is to not dress up after the massage but wrap up yourself in the bathrobe.
What is your cancellation policy?

You can postpone or cancel your appointment up to 12 hours before your scheduled massage time at no charge. Postpone a massage: If you change your appointment with less than 12 hours notice, a fee of 35$ will be expected at your next appointment. Cancellation: If you cancel your appointment, with less than 12 hours notice, a fee of 50$ will be expected on your next visit.

Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please write to us at or text us on 514 963-0905.

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