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Relaxing massage at home: What are your motivations for wanting this massage?

Most people lead very hectic lives, and few are aware that life has nothing to do with what you do or what you appear to be, but everything to do with who you are and, therefore, your way. To take care of yourself and others.

So most adults spend a large part of the day looking after their families, looking after their homes, going to work full time, training to look good, and stressing themselves out so that they can. Do all of these tasks. They perform all of these activities without realizing that these habits do not come from them and produce disastrous consequences for their physical, mental and relational well-being.

In truth, living a stressful life with expectations can be very difficult for you, but continuing to live the same way is worse. It could make your condition worse with significant issues like heart attacks, burnouts, conflict in life. Relationships and lives are ruined by forgetting to relax.

Fortunately, regularly receiving a relaxing massage at home with Spa Mobile can help you relax and free you from imposed constraints to regain control of your mind.

So here are the real motivations and not the reasons invented by massage therapists that make you want a relaxing massage.



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Is your stress level too high?

Aside from change which is the only permanent thing, stress is probably the biggest factor contributing to creating many problems in people and, therefore, in our relationship world. It sounds like a bit of a stretch, but you can’t deny how stress can seep into our lives.

Dramas related to work, family or personal relationships can add up and wreak appalling havoc. You can either let it dominate you or rise above it and find ways to relax and regain calm in your mind.

Too many people do not realize that stress is directly related to how they think about expectations or desired outcomes and get angry if they are not achieved. To live without expectations is to accept life as it is. To love our problems to make higher choices and accept that we have no control over the results; only the process creates the results.

Our way of thinking is thus conditioned since our childhood to put importance on the results, but never on the process of creation, which is what we are.

Getting a massage is a relaxing way to take a little time to observe our way of thinking and thus understand without judgment, which gives rise to our stress. Studies show that massage can decrease levels of cortisol (stress hormones) in the body and stimulate feel-good neurotransmitters like endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin.

In a climate of tranquillity, our mind can act freely and find ideas to improve our quality of life. In stress, he cannot think clearly and consciously because our mind is distracted by the many expectations.


Stress and massage therapy


Have you been working a lot lately?

If you are one of the millions of hardworking career men and women who spend many hours at work, your risk of developing stress is high.

It is usually seen in the neck and shoulders, but advanced forms of stress can manifest in the lower back and glutes. Prolonged sitting is bad for you to relax.

Besides the stress on your posture, there is also a risk of repetitive motion injuries. Performing repetitive daily tasks can damage our hands, wrists, neck and back.

Choosing a relaxing massage can alleviate these discomforts and prevent them from getting worse.

Of course, fatigue from backbreaking work is reason enough to consult a massage therapist to soothe your tired body.


Work and massage therapy


Are you increasingly anxious or depressed?

Anxiety attacks can be excruciating and crippling. Can you imagine how people with different forms of anxiety disorders feel?

About one in 10 people in America suffer from anxiety disorders or depression, accounting for almost a third of total mental health spending.

While there are medications available for people with this disorder, it is also worth exploring other ways to improve the use and understanding of our minds.

Having a relaxation massage can decrease your stress and improve symptoms of anxiety or depression.


Depression and massage therapy


Do you often have headaches?

Frequent headaches are no fun. They can be very disturbing and affect your everyday life.

If you find that you have more headaches than usual, it could be tension. Tension can build up in your neck, shoulders, and trapezoid muscles. Relaxing neck massage can improve blood circulation and relieve pain. This restricts blood flow to the brain and causes tensions that trigger headaches.

Regular massages can relieve this tension. Relaxing muscles promotes better blood flow to the head, which relieves headaches. It can also help lessen the severity of migraine symptoms.

The massage therapist knows which areas to focus on. Using essential oils is another tool your therapist can use to help you relax and relieve pain.

Research also shows that regular massages can decrease the frequency and severity of tension headaches or migraines.

So the next time you have a headache that lasts for a long time, your options aren’t just about taking a pain reliever. Consider booking a relaxing massage therapy session.


Headache and massage therapy


Are you tired after a workout?

Body aches after a workout can boost your image, but looking so is not well-being.

In fact, your body painfully reminds you to listen to it instead of listening to your ego, which seeks to perform, to want to be better. Again, expectations of particular outcomes don’t work for your well-being.

Physical fatigue is your body’s way of communication, and when you get tired and keep going, it makes that fatigue worse in pain. Do you regret going to the gym too often?

Obviously, like many unconscious people, you can either take an ibuprofen pill for chemical pain relief, or you can, like some conscious people, choose the relaxing hands of a massage therapist.

Treating sore muscles with a relaxing massage can increase and improve circulation and relieve pain.


Exercise and massage therapy


Do you have insomnia?

If your sleep hasn’t been up to par in the past few days, probably a relaxing massage session might be right for you. Massages promote restful sleep and can help you rest at night.

In fact, sleep studies are showing a solid link between weekly massages and reduced insomnia.

Lack of sleep not only makes you sluggish, fuzzy, and unproductive, it brings many health problems that can arise from not getting enough sleep.

Do you want to be well when you wake up and throughout the day?


Insomnia and massage therapy


Did you forget to relax?

Things can get overwhelming at times; the only way to get back to a healthy state of mind is to step back and take time for yourself.

There is nothing wrong with putting your well-being first. In fact, it is the opposite.

The judgments and guilt of others have made us forget our well-being to satisfy them with fear. This kind of obligation to please others comes from others who are totally selfish or oblivious and try to manipulate you for their interests.

So make an appointment with the massage therapist for a relaxing massage and be kind to yourself. This massage doesn’t have to be grandiose. All that matters is to relax.


Relaxation and massage therapy


Are you too sedentary?

Working in an office or having a relatively sedentary routine may seem harmless enough, but it can wreak more havoc on your body than you might think.

Hunching over a desk or sitting in the same position for too long creates tension in your body. This can lead to poor posture, headaches, or overall pain.

Receiving a relaxing massage relieves this tension and improves the health of your spine. A massage will stretch and relax the muscles that contract without knowing it throughout the day.

It can also help reduce the pressure on your body that you put on throughout the day. Massaging your forearms will relax the muscles by promoting better circulation in your arms and hands.


Sedentary and massage therapy


Does your posture bother you?

Many people believe that poor posture is the result of laziness.

Or maybe it’s even something beyond their control.

The reality is that most bad postures come from tension in the back and neck associated with poor muscle strength.

The relaxing massage will naturally relieve this tension by promoting better spinal and postural health and allowing muscles to move freely in their natural positions.

It also helps to increase the flexibility of the muscles.

This means that if any of the muscles in the back or neck have shortened over time, regular massages can help lengthen them. Increase flexibility so that muscles move as they should.


Posture and massage therapy


Choose a unique relaxing massage with Spa Mobile.

What makes a relaxation massage a great approach to health and wellness is its potential to address physical, mental and emotional health.

A relaxing massage with a soft touch calms the mind and brings you to a calm, even meditative state.

A relaxing massage with a strong touch improves your body’s connection with your mind while addressing inhibited muscle function, and you become aware of your own body beyond the pain you feel.

Probably, you can say that you feel pain in one area of your body but later find that the source of the pain is in another part of your body.

As the massage therapist moves and works with your body, you learn more about your own body by realizing the muscle tension and not making it worse with more pain.

We invite you to make an appointment with one of our massage therapists for a relaxing massage session.


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