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The invention of massage therapy has come a long way from the time when massages were only given to reach people at spas. Now, you can found massage therapists in clinics, drug rehabilitation centers, and even places of business. Many massage therapists also travel to the homes of their clients as independent practitioners. If you want to have relaxation, a massage is the best solution. In other words, a Full Body Massage is an ideal approach to get unwinds when you experience awful workdays.

In Home Massage

In-Home Massage

A well-trained massage therapist can work amazingly on both the interior and exterior of the human body. It can lead to improved health and well-being by dealing with many common medical issues.

How Does Massage Work?

Massage develops physiological changes in your body with the help of a relaxation response. It is a predictable response of the nerves to massage techniques. The next important factor is mechanical responses, which are physical effects that produce in the body when pressure is applied to the soft tissues. Together, this factor can create physical and emotional benefits.

How Does Massage WORK

Relaxation response:

In a massage, safe touch is an invitation to relax.  In simple words, the relaxation response is a state in which your heart and breathing rate becomes slow. As the blood pressure goes down your production of stress hormones also decreases. In this way, your muscles relax. The relaxation response also helps to enhance the available level of serotonin.

It is a chemical in the body that positively affects emotions and thoughts. While this information is amazing, more research is needed to directly confirm the connection between massage and levels of serotonin in the body. The relaxation response also helps to decrease the physical effects of stress and reduce the risks connected with stress, such as cardiac arrhythmias, anxiety, insomnia, persistent fatigue, sexual dysfunction, digestive disorders, and psychological issues.

In Home Massage service

Mechanical responses:

The physical response in massage has two major physical effects:

  • Increase in blood and lymph circulation
  • Relaxation and normalization of the soft tissue. It may include muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, which produces nerves and deeper connective tissues

Massage is helpful to improve blood flow and lymph circulation. This is probably done by the physical relaxation of soft tissue and due to the chemicals produced as part of the relaxation response. Improved blood flow can increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells. Tissues function more efficiently with cellular health improves. This efficient functioning assists in the removal of waste products and may enhance the absorption of excess fluids and decrease swelling in soft tissues.


The general term used for pressing, rubbing, and manipulating your muscles, skin, tendons, and ligaments are called message. It may vary from light stroking to deep pressure. There are many different types of massage. Some help to relieve muscle problems and injuries, such as deep tissue massages while others aim to produce relaxation, such as reflexology.

Deep tissue massage:

The purpose of this massage is to reach deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. In this massage, a massage therapist will slowly press their fingers into the skin with pressure. A massage therapist will use slow, firm strokes to target deep tissues. They will also target knots in the muscles.

Muscle knots are known as specific areas of tension within the muscle fiber. The exact reason for these knots is still not clear, but they can create from muscle overuse, such as from playing a sport or poor posture.  With the passage of time, these knots can become sore, that’s why deep tissue massage helps to relieve them and provide pain relief. These days some studies have shown that this technique is effective for this purpose.

Swedish massage:

It is a gentle form of massage. This massage technique uses kneading, long strokes, intense circular movements, vibration, and tapping to help relax and energize you. In this massage, the therapist will use a small amount of pressure than they would in other types of massage, such as deep tissue or sports massage.

Hot stone massage:

This type of massage used heated stones. These stones are usually basalt. It is a type of volcanic rock with high iron content. This iron allows it to hold in heat well. A massage therapist will place a heated stone in different areas of the body. A massage therapist can also use a variety of other massage techniques with the help of heated stones. Hot stone massage delivers heat to the body’s muscles. It can help treat muscle injuries, as it relaxes them and enhances blood flow to the area. Similarly, it can reduce stiffness and discomfort.


This massage technique uses different amounts of pressure on specific parts of the hands and feet with the purpose of benefiting other parts of the body. The practice may help enhance relaxation and decrease pain. Some studies have shown that reflexology can heal certain parts of the body from various conditions, but there is no solid evidence for this. For instance, one high-quality study has found that reflexology could not decrease chronic pain from multiple sclerosis.

Benefits of in-home massage:

Today massage is generally considered part of integrative medicine. It’s is offered worldwide along with standard treatment for many medical conditions and situations.  There are many benefits of making an appointment for a full body massage sessions. Here I am just going to tell you some of the benefits of getting a massage for your body on a regular basis.

Forget about Driving:

In-home massage therapy treatment helps you to fully relax in your own house. You don’t have to drive before or after your massage treatment. These days due to much advancement in social media booking an in-home massage therapist to come to your home is very as easy. As we all know that commuting during rush hours has bad effects on our mental and physical health. Health problems like increase blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and risks for depression are just among the side effects. Hence, you should use a break from stressful roads if you can.

For In-home massage therapy and its perks, you don’t have to drive. You don’t have to commute. You can enjoy it in your own home. Similarly, you don’t have to face the stressful world outside. One of the other benefits of in-home massage is that you don’t even have to get dressed up as you usually do when you go out. You can stay in your Pajamas if you really wanted to during the massage session.


A full body massage might enhance your immune system’s functionality. The massage helps the lymphatic system, which assists the immune system to protect the body from diseases.


Full body massage also assists to take off your dead skin cells all over the body. In this way, you can get a better skin tone. The enhanced and fresh blood flow gives benefit to the look and health of the skin. It can also increase tissue rejuvenation, which might assist you to decrease the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Massage oil may also offer you moisturizing and other benefits to the skin.

Lower back pain

Many people feel lower back pain as part of the aging process. Similarly, poor posture and prolonged periods of sitting can also contribute to increasing this pain. A competent massage therapist can often help you to reduce the lower back pain and assist to find signs of misalignment.


It is proven that massage could relax you and make you feel mentally good and calm. It also helps you to treat depression and anxiety. According to the research, massage is really helpful in reducing the body’s cortisol level, a stress hormone, by as much as 52%.


Muscles can get inflexible in some areas due to many reasons such as overuse, stress and minor injuries, etc. Therefore, you should take a deep tissue massage to handle this problem. If you take massage it may help you to alleviate stiffness in the body without any pain.  It will also make your body flexible which is obviously good for you. Massage also helps to reduce, pain, tiredness, and refreshes the body.

Quality Massages

Many of us may experience that at spas, massage therapists can have as many as 6 clients per day.  So they have about 20 minutes in between clients to change the sheets and get ready for the next person.  Generally, the massages they offer decrease in quality as time goes on.  On the other hand, In-home massage therapists, have to factor in travel times between appointments so generally they provide fewer massages in a day and have plenty of time in between clients so you receive the highest quality massage at home.

Personalized Attention

One of the main advantages of using In-home massage services is that they naturally have more insight into your personal needs for their services from seeing your home atmosphere.  You are dealing directly with the massage therapist that will be providing you the massage instead of a receptionist at the spa.  Through this meeting, the massage therapist can learn about your personal choices to give you the best possible massage.

Enjoy a more personal “me time:

In-home massage therapy is more personal. A massage therapist who enters your home can see a glimpse of your lifestyle and relationships either with the pictures d or the way your furniture is placed.

It will make you more confident to control your setting like adjust the lights, use an eye pillow and remove the scents, and so on. In public massage centers, you’re not sure if all your requests listen but you have much more flexibility with in-home massage therapy.

Tips to maximize your massage experience:

If you want to maximize your message, you should adopt the following four tips before, during, and after your massage session so you can maximize your experience and feel relaxed and refreshed.

Find the Best Massage Therapist for You

It is very important to find the right massage therapist for yourself. He/she should be compatible and comfortable with you in regard to personality and massage delivery techniques. It can make or break your satisfaction. At in-home massage, our massage therapists are provided different pressure levels. When you initially call our center, you will be provided with the best massage therapist to fit your requirements.

It’s essential to know that every massage therapist has a different approach and specific areas they focus on. You’re advised to do research prior to a massage to make sure a therapist’s approach perfectly with your goals and expectations. Talking about your specific aches or pains with the massage therapist both prior to starting the session and during the session is also essential to ensure your needs will be fulfilled during the massage.

Leave Your Thoughts at the Door:

One of the biggest problems to a successful massage experience is inviting outside stresses, devices, and frustrations into the massage room with you. You should make concentrated efforts to decrease distractions that can negatively affect the outcome of the session such as mobile phones, memories of a heated discussion or home, and work stress.

Be Early and Be Prepared

Running late for a massage in your house will only lead to a bad experience since you aren’t giving your mind and body time to stop and prepare for a relaxing experience. If you want to get the most benefits out of your massage session, when you’re laying on the table you should be prepared yourself early. It also can be beneficial to take a few deep breathes to clear your mind and prepare your body to melt into the warm, comfortable table before a massage session.