Massage services that are different and unique from other massage therapists

Massage Services

Your selection criteria increase when you are in pain and really need a competent help, at that moment you begin to notice and realize that a lot of so-called massage therapists are a little less qualified, if not downright helpless and incompetent healers.

To support these statements, here are some observations and indisputable facts that demonstrate many problematic situations in the field of massage therapy:

The absence of unique and different solutions in the offers offered by massage therapists;

  • Websites that put importance on appearance without relevant content, instead of better informing people in order to make a free and informed decision;
  • The frustration of patients in wasting their time, money and patience by constantly changing massage therapists;
  • Large number of massage therapists who hurt patients while trying to convince them that it is excellent for their well-being;
  • The concerns of patients about certain professionals who promise beneficial results without really being able to give them satisfaction;
  • Fear to question the lack of responsibility of some massage therapists;
  • Several patients complain that some massage therapists do not listen to their complaints, their desires and focus on the techniques learned;
  • The habits of some massage therapists to denigrate traditional medicine in order to justify their questionable techniques and their absurd spiritual beliefs;
  • Many massage therapists who say they are all professionals with good practices and yet, many of them take advantage of the innocence of patients who trust them;
  • Some massage therapists prefer patients who have insurance and neglect those who do not because it is easier to prolong unnecessary sessions that do not give the desired results.
  • Massage therapists who avoid serving the elderly on the pretext of unfounded justifications and thus demonstrate the absence of passion in what they do and the absence of compassion towards people.


You deserve much better than this!


How did our unique solution come about?

For us, this situation is a great opportunity for us to become aware of the real problems that patients experience in the field of massage therapy, because we can truly offer something beautiful and unique for you.

In truth, what is the use of adding thousands of solutions if in a sense we forget to act on what gives rise to the problems and what helps to recreate the same regrettable conditions in all unconsciousness?

Spa Mobile offers unique and different services because that is what you are.


Massage services that are different and unique from other massage therapists


What are the 4 unique differences that Spa Mobile offers?


1. Home massages according to 6 types


Relaxation massage Therapeutic massage Deep tissue massage

Sports massage Reflexology massage Lymphatic drainage


2. Quick, efficient and deposit-free booking

No one likes messy planning or forgotten reservations. We have a very efficient system to make your appointments and immediately know where the massage therapist is by GPS. This allows you to make sure that everything is well organized and that no unforeseen events will disturb your schedule.

In addition, you only pay after the massage therapy session and thus never have in mind any doubts about the services received.


Massage services that are different and unique from other massage therapists


3. No promises, only results

To be able to satisfy you, we need to listen to your concerns first so that we do not recreate the same problems that you have experienced with other therapists. Understand your pain and the areas where it is located. We also need to ask you questions in order to understand your habits and desired desires.

Although the results are generally a feeling of well-being in your body and a form of quiet thought in your mind, we believe that you also have some responsibility for these results. Ensuring you results without having complete control over your thinking is a false promise.

In other words, we put our energies on what we can control and this is not a promise, but a commitment to do you good.

Numerous customer reviews , independent of our will, demonstrate their satisfaction with the desired results.


4. Passionate and attentive massage therapists

Too often, massage therapists use the word professional to show patients how skilled they are and that they are right. In fact, they are dividing the relationship instead of uniting it. To divide the relationship between who is right and who is wrong. How can this kind of person move in his consciousness with a closed mind like an oyster?

It is good to be professional, however, this deep habit hides two fundamental elements in the way a person works. These two fundamental elements are passion and compassion.

Ourpassionated therapists are passionated in what they do, they all have the necessary certification and experience in the field of massage therapy. We focus on passion first, because it includes love in its work. A professional is often someone qualified, but without passion. It’s a job for him to earn a living.

However, there is insufficient passion in relationships. Compassion is the second essential element.

Compassion cannot exist without passion. Someone with compassion is a person who is attentive to what others are going through because they are attentive to what they are experiencing themselves. Compassion is not about forgetting oneself for others, but about including oneself among others. Compassion is an overwhelming enthusiasm for one’s feelings and those of others.

In fact, passion for oneself is the key that opens the door to compassion for others.

The professional, on the contrary, closes the doors of good relationships by seeking to be right which comes from a fear of losing face and reacting by seeking to prove others wrong, therefore an absence of compassion. And often this absence is seen through the sweetest words!


Massage services that are different and unique from other massage therapists


Massage Services
Massage Services
Massage Services
Massage Services
Massage Services
Massage Services
Massage Services

Massage Services