In-home massage therapy for the elderly

No matter who we are or where we come from, our bodies go through certain changes over time.

Just as we slow down, massage therapists can adjust massage sessions with moderate goals to give the most benefit to an older adult. In fact, it is not about curing their condition but about being present and touching them with kindness and compassion.

Massage therapy is a treatment that should be sought after by everyone, but it turns out that there is a particular incentive or motivation for doing it for the elderly.


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Why is massage therapy so beneficial for the elderly?

There’s a lot of benefits that can be obtained from massage therapy. This ranges from a great way to reduce stress and have a tangible impact on our bodies work.


Loss of balance. Balance is critical, especially in the elderly. As bodies age, postural problems worsen. This is because the muscles weaken, which decreases mobility and balance. Falls are a common cause of injury in the later years of life, so massage therapy is great for improving balance.

Arthritis pain. Arthritis, a disorder that affects the joints with pain and stiffness, is a disease that many people suffer from in old age, causing varying degrees of discomfort in the human body. Massage therapy is not considered a cure for arthritis, but it can help relieve its pain. Massage has the power to help relieve chronic pain caused by age-related issues. It works by boosting the immune system, encouraging fluids to move around the body, and stretching fascia and tissue, which increases joint mobility and also reduces stiffness.

Poor blood circulation. Perhaps the biggest benefit of massage therapy is its ability to improve blood circulation in the body as it helps with many daily activities. Increasing a person’s circulation is vital in old age, as poor circulation, unfortunately, becomes more and more common during this time of life. However, better circulation can be achieved through massage therapy as it helps the circulation of blood in the body’s limbs.

Tight muscles. It’s not surprising to be less mobile and less active in old age. As the human body stops functioning as before, people tend to stay home more often and exercise less. As a result, the muscles harden and become tenser, making it even more difficult to move around. What a massage can do is help soften the muscles and tissues.

The heart attack. Anyone who has had a stroke fully understands the negative impact on their quality of life. To aid recovery after stroke, massage therapy is now a recommended solution that is getting great results. By focusing on specific areas of the body and then stimulating areas that can become paralyzed due to a stroke, massage therapy can prove to be a valuable tool in a person’s recovery.

In other words, massage therapy for the elderly provides many physical and mental benefits, resulting in improved health and general well-being.


The condition of the skin of the elderly

As people get older, their subcutaneous fat layer and epidermis become thinner, and their skin takes longer to heal. Some health conditions, such as diabetes and kidney disease, also cause dry skin, while some medications can cause itchiness and scars on the skin.

Older people with deteriorating health may develop more transparent skin. You can see through the veins and tendons below, and the skin can tear easily. Thus, it takes more lubrication and less massaging force into the tissues.


Understanding the elderly

A senior’s ability to move around can change from the start to the end of a massage therapy session. The person may lie down on the massage table but have difficulty getting off (or vice versa). Our massage therapists are thorough with the elderly and treat them with awareness of their particular condition.

Elderly guests can stay dressed, with a session in bed, in a chair or in a wheelchair. The massage table is not used if the person is not comfortable.

Older people with more fragile health and serious problems benefit from shorter, gentler and less demanding sessions. Often a stretch can take twice as long as with younger people.

Our massage therapists are very compassionate, and during their home visits, they spend time talking with older adults to assess their condition and speak with their families if necessary. Check out our massage rates before making an appointment.


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