In-home massage therapy for the family.

In the field of massage therapy, it is common to notice that at least one member of a family takes care of their health and well-being by integrating massage therapy into his personal routine.

This person has probably started using massage to help relieve pain after an accident, or their doctor has suggested this therapy to help them cope with a situation or relax better.

But what about the rest of the family?

Massage therapy can be beneficial for every member of the family, which is why Spa Mobile offers affordable in-home massage therapy services for your whole family so that together you can take care of your well-being.


In-home massage therapy for the family.


Why choose family massage therapy?

Massage therapy isn’t just for athletes, people with pain, or those with high stress; it’s a way to maintain the health and well-being of everyone in your family.

The overworked mom. Being a mother is hard enough, but nowadays, mom has more responsibilities. Between taking care of the family, maintaining the house, going to work, carrying and bringing the children back from daycare, doing homework. The mother often needs time to relax. Massage therapy can help reduce stress and tension while maintaining physical and mental well-being.

The working daddy. The father plays an important role in family life. Often he tucks the children in bed, and he plays physical and fun games with them. He often acts as a mentor, supporter, sports coach, guidance counsellor, and many other activities. He often works very hard having a demanding career and works a lot to maintain a house. We sometimes forget that the father (just as much as the mother) also needs, from time to time, to have moments to relax or unwind.

Active children. Some children love to ride the bike paths or play football or hockey. They often go on weekends with friends to do recreational activities that require a lot of physical effort. Sports massage can help them stay on top of their game.

Less active children. On the other hand, some more sedentary children like to spend time watching TV or playing video games. Without realizing it, this lack of physical activity can have harmful effects on children’s well-being, particularly on their muscles which are not used often enough. Massage helps improve flexibility and range of motion, all of which are extremely important to them.

Other family members. Grandparents often have arthritis and high blood pressure, depression and anxiety. Massage therapy can help them improve their mind and body. Massage therapy has been shown to lower your heart rate, help manage pain, improve blood flow, and more. For those who are perfectly healthy, it is a great way to maintain a healthy body.

Massage therapy is often associated with women and moms, but massage has countless benefits for dads, kids, and grandparents. A family massage offers a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for all and will leave a feeling of freshness and energy. Check out our massage rates before making an appointment.


In-home massage therapy for the family.


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