Massage therapy for women or men at home

According to recent research, this is probably not new to most massage therapists, but more women than men receive massage therapy services.

In fact, 10% of men have received a massage in the past year compared to 20% of women.


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Is there a stress gap between men and women?

Women tend to endure and manage more stress due to household chores and emotional labour. They are twice as likely to suffer from stress and anxiety as men. Women juggle so much and take on many roles such as mothers, homemakers, breadwinners and babysitters.

In addition, women are continually in competition with each other for their looks, friendships, work, and children’s success. They often make it seem like there are so many different ways to fail, leading to self-doubt or low self-esteem.

Hence, it can cause additional stress in their day-to-day life.

One way to de-stress and relax is to have a regular massage. A massage can make any woman smile and feel good!


There is nothing feminine about a man to have a massage!

You exercise regularly and recognize that some muscles are still quite stiff and uncomfortable, even with regular stretching. You also know that the last time you heard about a massage was when your girlfriend did it with a group of friends on a night out with each other, which seems way too feminine for you.

If you regularly participate in any sport or workout, a good massage soothes and relaxes the muscles and can relieve pain caused by injuries and even aid in recovery.

Do you travel a lot for work or go on vacation around the world? In an airplane or during a long automobile trip, you sit for a long time and your body atrophies. You are immobilized, under pressure and in a strange, even uncomfortable position, and therefore your body is naturally stressed.

A good massage helps relieve your stress; it stretches your body and refreshes you. In fact, it’s generally a great way to relieve stress, relax, and flush toxins from your body.

It does not matter whether you are a woman or a man. Massage therapy is offered to anyone who feels the need to take care of their well-being. You sleep better, think more clearly and recover faster! Check out our massage rates before making an appointment.


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