If you really want to cure your back pain, then you must be willing to understand that there’s more to it than temporary relief!


Relief is great, but it’s not the whole story when it comes to your well-being!

  • Have you ever felt a nagging sensation when you’ve picked up something heavy?
  • Does your back hurt when you sit too long at your desk?
  • Do you experience back pain after gardening or renovating?


If so, you’re not alone in living with back pain, because after the common cold, back pain is the most common complaint heard at the doctor’s office.

And yet, the specialists have told you that your back is fine, your doctor has said to take medication to relieve the aching muscles in your back, so why not get a therapeutic massage for your back pain?

Massage is a safe and effective treatment that can help relieve and prevent further back pain. Here are 5 things you need to understand about back pain:


1. Lifestyle habits

Our chosen modern lifestyle is often to blame for back pain. Many hours at work, inert habits at home or long hours in the car can contribute to a major imbalance between weak muscles and those that are constantly contracted.

On top of this, tension and fatigue in the lumbar muscles are often aggravated by the stress of a demanding life and unrealistic expectations.

Tight muscles, fatigue or weak back muscles are vulnerable to injury when you overdo it in sports, at the gym or in your recreational time.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to injure your back. A sudden movement or small twist can cause persistent pain.

Other factors or habits that increase the likelihood of developing back pain include very demanding work, pregnancy, trauma from accidents, falls, poor posture and unwise lifting of heavy things.

Finally, there are conditions such as arthritis that can also cause back pain.


2. Why massage for back pain?

Massage is well known for relieving tension and pain in injured back muscles. It relieves discomfort in areas of the body that can be used as protection against surrounding pain.

Blood circulation is improved by massage, increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your tissues while helping to reduce swelling and accumulated toxins that can cause irritation.

When swelling and irritation are reduced or relieved, injured back muscles and ligaments heal quickly with less discomfort.

What’s more, certain types of massage promote supple movement, which can bring immediate well-being as well as the likelihood of reducing future damage.


3. The role of tissue alignment

Abrupt trauma, chronically shortened muscles and the connective tissue that binds body parts together (fascia) can pull on your joints and position them out of your body’s natural alignment.

If left unchecked, you may find it difficult to heal back pain or other aches and pains.

By stretching, lengthening and releasing shortened muscles and fascia, massage can help you regain your alignment, your natural posture.

You can also receive treatment from a chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist to correct your posture. A massage therapist will complement these treatments to relieve tension and bring you more effective, longer-lasting results.


4. Stress and unnatural emotions

Stress, depression, anxiety and worry can significantly increase back pain.

Feeling stressed or overworked is enough to increase sensitivity to pain. The mind is thenexpressing emotions that are by no means natural by means of fear or denial of not accepting things in life as they are.

Discomfort, which may have been merely an inconvenience, can turn into great fear and seriously affect your daily life.

With a therapeutic massage, your attention turns to pleasant sensations and a calm state of being, which are conducive to producing relaxation in your mind and, consequently, relaxing your body.


5. The unawareness of a creative solution

Most specialists, doctors and all those well-meaning but misinformed people are often unaware of the process behind back pain or other pain.

They’ll all issue their conclusion about a possible cause, but the truth is, they don’t know that the real cause is a creative process, not a single element.

A cause is not the same as a process, which is a series of steps that created the back pain and has now become an unconscious habit.

In fact, their solutions are all temporary, i.e. reactive or corrective. They relieve back pain temporarily, but will return because the process involved has not been transformed.

The cause is a preventive solution, and therefore also temporary, but the process involved is a creative solution, and therefore permanent.

A true massage therapist who understands the process behind the patient’s back pain will never give instructions to do things differently, but will ask questions so that the patient can find out for himself the habits that have created his pain and leave him free to choose to be and experiment.

He’ll tell her what’s not working that’s causing her back pain, but he’ll never tell her what’s working to get her back pain free. If the patient has an interest in knowing, an intention, then he or she will want to understand by asking the massage therapist questions.

The creative solution is only possible when the person with back pain consciously chooses to accept and understand the process involved, and then makes a new choice of experience.

The key is free intention.

Being told what to do or not to do is the mistake that doesn’t motivate a person to become aware of their own habits or to transform them with love.

A preventive solution is not a creative solution, because creation does not come from others, is not imitative and is not offered to help, unless the patient freely and voluntarily requests it.


Choose massage therapists who are attentive to your situation.

If you want a unique massage to relax or free yourself from your pain, discomfort, pain or suffering, isn’t it wise and sensible to turn to massage therapists who know what you are doing? Live?


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