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Selecting a gift for your loved one can be tricky. The general lack of diversity in men’s products make gifts an arduous choice for the ladies. If you find yourself in a fix when going gift-shopping for your loved one, we have a solution for you. You can gift your loved one an in-home massage therapy session!


The reality is that the majority of the people do not crave the gift itself but the love and adoration behind it. We buy presents and gifts for the ones really close to us. We do all the hectic physical and financial activity just to witness the sparkle in the eyes of our beloved. That wave of jubilance that sweeps over the face when receiving a gift is priceless. 


By gifting an in-home massage to  your loved ones, you are not only adding to their ecstasy but also making arrangements for their peace and coziness!


An in-home massage is an ideal gift for numerous situations. You can take the services of a massage therapist to make your wedding anniversary memorable. Or you can rejuvenate the muscles of your oldies on father’s/mother’s day.


Your athletic kid also needs some relaxation and tranquility. Instead of burdening his eyes with the new Playstation, invite a masseuse and surprise your kid with the gift of an in-home massage. 


Gifting your people means of relaxation can be the most fruitful activity. There are loads of benefits of an in-home massage. The therapeutic efficacy of a massage increases manifolds when it is given in the form of a gift.

What Is An In-Home Massage?

An in-home massage session consists of a massage therapist visiting your home and providing services. The aura of a massage center can be recreated at home. The following advantages from an in home massage will make you hop from your seat:


  • Relieves pain 
  • Reduces anxiety 
  • Improves range of motion 
  • There is no hassle of traffic 
  • Is time-saving and cost-efficient 
  • Addresses special needs 
  • Greater privacy 


Benefits Of An In-Home Massage Gift

Medical science used to be reluctant in deeming massage as an effective way of managing health problems. However, in the recent past, an array of trials and studies have made it evident that massage therapy can be an effective and efficacious nursing intervention.


Following is a list of health benefits that a gift in-home massage will impart:


Massage Benefits For A Wife/Girlfriend 

This is your 10th wedding anniversary together and you are perplexed to the core as to what you should do to make the day special. The best way to celebrate this occasion of togetherness by calling in a home massage therapist. You can also call the services on your girlfriend’s birthday. There are plenty of health benefits of a massage that your wife/girlfriend will love:


In-home massage


Improved Hair Growth 

Hair is very important to women. Young girls have nightmares of alopecia. Some even want to shun the world if their hairstyle isn’t accurate. If your girlfriend is sensitive regarding her hair, you can win her confidence by getting her a reflexology massage. A randomized controlled trial suggests that reflexology massage can aid hair regrowth in women with alopecia.


Ease In Pregnancy And Labor 

Women are endowed with the gift of motherhood. This beautiful relation comes at the cost of pain and way too much stress. Your wife might be in need of a relaxing massage. We are pretty sure that a massage session is the best gift your pregnant wife can receive from you. 


Pregnant women have an unending urge to urinate. This makes pregnancy even more difficult. As a husband you are helpless but you can ease things for her. How?

By gifting her an in-home massage.


Research shows that pregnant women who receive massage therapy experience reduced urinary stress. The positive changes in anxiety and stress are also noticeable.


According to studies, expecting mothers receiving massages have lesser complications and greater chances of normal delivery (lesser chances of cesarean section).


Another study claims that mothers that received massage had significantly shorter labors, and shorter stay at the hospital.


Prenatal depression is also a reality that needs to be addressed seriously. You can also help your partner climb out of the abyss of prenatal depression with the help of an in-home massage.


Massage Benefits For Feeding Mothers 

A dedicated mother that spends most of her time filling the tummy of the young one. However, some ladies have unwanted complications regarding breastfeeding. If your wife is having a hard time feeding the child, then instead of gifting her chocolates make arrangements for a breast massage. 


According to a systematic review, breast massage is an effective way in reducing pain while feeding and easing the flow of milk to the infant.

Depression And Anxiety

Massage is an easy, non-interventional method of alleviating anxiety and stress. We suggest you gift an in-home massage session to your beloved so that she can spend some time relaxing and enjoying life.

Middle-aged women can alleviate stress responses as a result of the in-home massage gift. Thus, a massage can be the best gift for your wife’s/girlfriend’s birthday. 


Massage Benefits For Husband/Boyfriend

If you are bored of gifting the same items to your boyfriend (wallets, deodorants, and mobile phone covers), then you have a better thing coming. An in home massage can be a real treat for your husband or boyfriend. 


Men, especially the young ones, are athletic and want to spend their lives hopping on the ground. This labor (additional to work) puts their muscles and joints at greater pressure. Sore muscles and painful joints might hinder their performance. In most cases, men don’t find the time to visit a massage therapist, although they have all the time for the game!


You can put your boyfriend’s pain and aches to rest by gifting him an in-home massage on his birthday. 


Stress And Anxiety 

The ambitious men are prone to falling into the pit of depression and anxiety when their targets are not met. If you have an enthusiastic hubby who doesn’t stop with time, then you should call in home massage therapist. According to a study, men who receive aromatherapy report evident reductions in stress and depression.


Researchers are perplexed over the neurohormonal changes brought about by massage. However, massage has been identified as a valid method of reducing anxiety in healthy men. 


Enhanced Sports Performance 

Your boyfriend will love you even more if you gift him an in-home massage therapy session. As per a study, healthy men experienced appreciable improvements in grip endurance following a massage session.

Therefore, if you want to see a pompous boyfriend circling the field in joy, surprise him with an in-home massage. 


Couple’s Massage  

You can spice up your love life by taking a couple’s massage together. A couple’s massage can be given within the boundaries of your home too. It has the following benefits:

  • Strengthens the bond between spouses 
  • Reduces stress and pains
  • Improves sexual life of newlyweds/boyfriend and girlfriend


This is the ultimate gift for the marriage anniversary!


Massage Benefits For Your  Mother And Father

The greatest advantage of massage for your weak parents is the boost in immunity it provides. According to a study, massage increases the number and performance of white blood cells. Thus, a boost in immunity is eminent.


This empowerment of the immune system helps the grandparents fight diseases better.


Benefits For Mothers

Mothers are the centers of the world for many. It is impossible to nurture the old lady as she nurtured us. All we can do is try to return the favor. If you are bamboozled about the fact about how to help your mother, then order an in-home massage. 


In-home massage


You don’t need any special occasion to pursue this marvel of complementary and alternative medicine. However, this can be a special gift for mother’s day. Studies suggest that aromatherapy massage can effectively alleviate physiological symptoms especially in women suffering from the post-menopausal syndrome.


The rising age can take a toll on your old lady’s health. The once active lady might need emotional and physical support. Many mothers have a hard time sleeping. Insomnia is frequent in senile females. According to a pilot study, massage therapy helps postmenopausal women sleep better. Therefore, it can be introduced as an effective non-interventional method of managing insomnia.


Benefits For Fathers 

Your old man might be suffering from stress and agitation. The increasing age makes you prone to forgetfulness and dementia. In cases of dementia, our parents often become aggressive and agitated. According to a study, your agitated adult can take a chill pill following the gift of in-home massage.


Post-Surgical Pain 

The older you get the more chances there are for surgeries and medical interventions. In most households, the parents are seen suffering from postoperative pain. Prostate issues are common in old age with a prevalence of 24% by age 80. 


As per a randomized controlled trial massage can be a useful adjuvant therapy in the management of acute postoperative pain.


Arthritis Pain 

Going old can lead to a lot of wearing and tearing of the joints. As per a study, moderate pressure massage therapy leads to a reduction in joint pain and also increases the range of motion in the wrist and upper joints. 

If your arthritic dad likes the therapy session, you can get regular sessions and notice evident improvements in the quality of life.


Therefore, an in home massage can be the best father’s day gift. 


Massage Benefits For Teenagers (Kids)

Parents are fond of burdening the little souls with heavy books and knowledge. If you have been a tough parent who demands excellent academic performance, then you must let your kid have some time for relaxation.


In-home massage 

A good way of executing that would be gifting your kid an in-home massage session because studies show that massage therapy effectively reduces academic stress and helps improve academic performance in kids. 


You may gift it on his/her birthday or arrange it as a surprise.


If your kid is fierce and his hectic activities land him in pain, it is a good idea to let him get rid of those without any medications. Kids with special needs such as those suffering from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis can also have reduced symptoms with the help of massage therapy.


An in-home massage can be an ideal gift for your loved one. Be it father’s/mother’s day or wedding anniversary, the gift of an in-home massage can rejuvenate your relationship with your loved ones.