Research shows that massage during pregnancy can improve your baby’s health in 3 ways.

Pregnancy is one of the most complicated times in a woman’s life. Full of emotional and physical swings, expecting a rollercoaster of changes is valid. Knowing the healthful things you can do to ease muscle stress is essential and convenient.


Massage therapy has always done wonders for human bodies. Professional masseuses have always been referred to in old times. Due to the recent advancements in the medical and biological fields, massage therapy has been deemed exceedingly therapeutic. It has been used to treat many physical illnesses and helps you relax freely and release muscle tension.


So, the critical question is, is massage therapy safe during pregnancy? Won’t it harm the baby?


It is normal and valid for you to worry about that as an about-to-be mother. The good news is that massage therapy is incredibly beneficial during pregnancy and can even ease the birth! However, it is imperative to avoid the everyday things in massage therapy that can be harmful when done in pregnancy. So here is everything you need to know about massage during pregnancy.

Prenatal Massage

Also, prenatal massages are customized for anatomical changes you experience during breastfeeding. You could spend most of the time lying face-down on your belly during a conventional massage (which is not feasible with a pregnant belly) and half the time on the flat side (a position that puts force on a crucial blood capillary that can disturb blood circulation to your baby and induce nausea).

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However, a qualified massage therapist can accommodate various cushioning structures or gaps as your shape and stance change, allowing you to lay face down comfortably while providing space for your rising belly and breasts. Or, with the help of pillows and couches, you could lie on your side.

Benefits Of Massage During Pregnancy

Pregnancy massages are typically deemed healthy from the first trimester, as long as you have approval from your doctor and let your massage therapist know that you are expecting. Although you might want to stop massage during the first three months of pregnancy, it may cause drowsiness and lead to nausea.


Despite the misconceptions you might have read, no mysterious delete button can unintentionally stop your pregnancy, and there is not much reliable evidence to claim it.


Some massage therapists neglect such pressure points, like the one between the ankle bone and the foot, out of fear that contractions could be caused, although there is little proof that massage can potentially jumpstart labour (to nonexistent).


It is wise to avoid massaging your tummy, as strain on that region will make you upset when you’re pregnant. Massage during pregnancy has countless benefits and can help you out. Here is how:


1. Nerve Pain Relief

The main goal of massage therapy is instant pain relief. Several women encounter sciatic nerve discomfort in late pregnancy due to the fetus lying on the pelvis and lower back issues. The uterus’s weight spreads stress to the upper and lower legs’ muscles, allowing them to expand and pressure surrounding nerves.


Massage therapy treats inflamed nerves by helping relieve the pressure on nearby muscles. Several women have undergone a dramatic decrease in sciatic nerve pain, as certified by Healthline, Via massage therapy.


2. Hormonal Adjustment

NCBI shows how the body undergoes hormonal changes during pregnancy. Research performed in the last decade has found that as massage therapy is applied to women’s prenatal treatment, hormone levels associated with stimulation and stress are dramatically changed. This results in the control of mood and enhanced heart health.


Hormones such as norepinephrine and cortisol (stress-related hormones) were lowered, and dopamine and serotonin levels were elevated in women who received bi-weekly massages for just five weeks (decreased levels of these hormones cause depression).


These improvements in hormone levels have since resulted in fewer congenital disabilities and fewer cases of neonatal problems, such as low birth weight. When medicinal massage is introduced into routine prenatal treatment, the data clearly show advantages for maternal and child health.


3. Inflammation Reduction

During breastfeeding, the joints’ edema or inflammation is also induced by diminished drainage and elevated pressure from the overweight uterus on the main blood vessels. Eliminating tissue residue in the lymph body system further increases this, as Healthline explained.

In addition to decreasing the collection of fluids in sore joints, massage also helps relax soft tissues.


4. Other Benefits

Other minor but excellent benefits of massage therapy during pregnancy include: 

  • Less back pain
  • Less joint pain
  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • Less swelling
  • Less emotional stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced oxygenation of internal tissues and muscles
  • Healthier and longer sleep
  • Less muscle stress and headaches


Things To Avoid In Massage During Pregnancy

Even though massage during pregnancy can help you a lot, it is imperative to take precautions and don’t do anything that can prove harmful to your baby. Certain things must be avoided, and specific procedures should be followed. 

  • It is crucial to tell your massage therapist that you are pregnant, even if you have just conceived. The massage therapist will then ensure they don’t exert pressure on any sensitive point.
  • You should not use those aromatherapy oils that can be harmful during pregnancy. Moreland Ob-Gyn enlists all of them.
  • You should probably avoid getting the massage done right on your belly since it can create issues.
  • Follow the correct body positions as advised by your massage therapist. Most include sitting in a chair or lying on the side. Webmd explains good postures during pregnancy.
  • It would be best if you tried not to lie on your back.
  • Consult your doctor regarding massage if you have had surgery or have blood pressure issues.


The Take-Out

If done correctly, massage therapy can benefit you and your baby. It can help you control your mood swings and help release body stresses. Take precautions, get advice from your doctor and a certified massage therapist, and you will be fine.