In-company massage therapy for employees

If the primary objective of a company’s survival is profitability, then the goal to achieve this profitability is created by the attitude and quality of the work of the employees.

For an employee to perform productively and design work consistently high quality, he must feel good physically and mentally.

Unfortunately, stress at work is a steadily increasing plague and muscle pain in the back, neck, shoulders and even wrists. Probably the use of computers is the cause as well as sitting work.

Good news! More and more company managers have become aware of taking care of employees if they want to achieve the objectives and have understood the importance of offering their employees a therapeutic or relaxing massage to concretely bring a plus—great well-being, which is a source of motivation to work effectively.


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Save your business a lot of money with a small investment

Offer a chair massage to your employees is inexpensive and time-consuming, but it could save your business a lot of money by reducing days lost due to illness and not just stress. Other ailments such as repetitive straining, headaches, colds and coughs are also benefits of receiving a personalized message.

We offer massage therapy sessions of 15, 20 and 30 minutes per employee, but we travel according to the number of hours desired and the number of massage therapists required.

Our travel and parking costs are already included in our rates.


Is it easy to organize a massage at your workplace?

Getting one or more massage therapists to attend your workplace couldn’t be easier. We ask for a list of your employee’s names who will receive a message and the desired duration of the treatment.

We then present ourselves on the scheduled day with everything necessary to perform the massage sitting on a chair in a place chosen by your company. All your business needs to do is make sure all of your staff know their appointment and where to go.

Nowadays, with more and more responsibilities, employees need tools to reduce stress and muscle pain. The investment is minimal, and for a lasting effect, we suggest two massage sessions per year.


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Your choice of massages

Our company massage therapists for employees are passionate and caring without making false promises. There are many massages to choose from for you, and our booking process is quick, efficient and no deposit. We invite you first to consult our price list and then choose the type of massage that might be suitable for the intended people.


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