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Do you not want or want a massage because this therapy does not provide permanent benefits?

Are you looking for excuses to discredit massage therapy to gain a discussion and prove yourself right?

Do you believe that a solution must always provide long-term well-being or relief to be practical, useful, and valuable?

Some people are interested in home massage therapy that we offer but have reservations or mistrust because they constantly argue that this alternative medicine brings only temporary short-term benefits or benefits.

This is true because, after your massage, you will probably need another one. If you are an active person, you will again have pain and fatigue, and if you are not a busy person, you will become stiff and tense. Moreover, the stress will also return uninvited in either case.

Is it a valid objection not to get a massage because the effects don’t last forever or permanently?


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Massage therapy isn’t the only thing with temporary benefits!

Think about other things you do that have temporary benefits.

  • Personal hygiene: You continue to brush your teeth, floss, shower, wash your hands, cut your nails, comb your hair, visit your dentist, etc. You tend to keep your distance from those who don’t.
  • Eat and drink: You will be hungry again, whether you enjoyed an excellent meal or eaten leftovers. Even if you binge on a holiday feast or a big family meal, you’ll be hungry again and need to eat. Also, even if you drink enough, you will need to drink water.
  • Sleep and rest: If you have had a good night’s sleep and are well-rested, you should fall asleep again at the end of the day. Without sleep, you do not function well, lose the ability to think clearly,, and suffer your discernment. Your movements become less coordinated and less precise. The effects of lack of sleep are very noticeable just a few hours after the onset of fatigue.
  • Thing washing: You wash your clothes after wearing them and your dishes after using them. Your home floors should be cleaned regularly to remove dust and stains. You often change your sheets and pillowcases in your bed. If you have a car, you take care of it by washing it and vacuuming the interior.
  • Care of your possessions: You do maintenance work on your cars and homes to keep them in good condition and prevent minor problems from turning into major problems later.
  • To exercise: A good workout doesn’t last. To get long-term, lasting benefits, you need to make it a habit and exercise regularly. Even if you have to run a marathon, you must keep exercising to stay in shape afterward.
  • To take pills: The effects of the medicines are temporary, but this does not prevent you from using them. A drug does not solve a problem or cure a disease, and vitamin doesn’t last a week, let alone a lifetime.


Your body has needs that require regular attention. Like the other things listed here, massage is indeed temporary, but that does not mean that it has no value or effectiveness or benefits.

Your headaches, stiff neck, back pain or other ailments do not go away on their own, and you need to do something to improve your condition. Relaxing, therapeutic, or any different massage can help you feel good and keep you going with your regular activities.


Take care of yourself when all is well.

Have you observed that when we don’t take care of something or someone temporarily, that we start giving birth to our problems?

We create all of our problems out of our unconsciousness of taking care of our body, mind and soul when we are “safe,” so when all is well in some area of our life and doing nothing consciously and voluntarily to improve or take care of us.

For example, when we are not sick, we do nothing to take care of our health. When we are convinced that our lover loves us, we do nothing to take care of our relationship until something unwanted happens and thus react to events instead of acting and creating the events that we want.

A massage is a temporary means to allow us to take care of ourselves permanently and, above all, consciously and deliberately.


Choose massage therapists who are attentive to your situation.

If you want a unique massage to relax or free yourself from your pain, discomfort, or suffering, isn’t it wise and sensible to turn to massage therapists who know what you are doing? Live?


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