In-home massage therapy for couples

All brochures in the field of massage therapy will describe massage as a relaxing self-care experience, a soothing and romantic moment of relaxation for a couple to enjoy together, but there is more to it.

Not only does a massage for your couple bring well-being to your physical and mental health for everyone, but also to your soul, which is often the most overlooked when it comes to your well-being in a relationship.

A couples massage creates a unique union experience in your inner world with your souls to appease your outer world, which constantly pushes you to perform, divide, and compete to be the best.


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Do yourself good being together.

Life is a balancing act, and it cannot be easy to do it all at once.

Between work, family, activities and household chores, you sometimes overlook or forget the person you love most and who shares your life.

Massages allow each partner to feel a reduced heart rate, lose the need to participate in physical activity, or have anxious thoughts to allow each person to feel peace in the presence of the other.

If you want to spend more time with your partner, Spa Mobile offers couples massages. We set up massage tables side by side, allowing you to live together with a relaxing, soothing and harmonious experience!


Each person in the couple is free to choose their massage

Your partner may prefer a deep tissue massage, and you opt for a relaxing massage. In fact, choose the one that’s right for you and you don’t need to book an identical massage.

We are always different and free individuals in a relationship, and our choice of massage style should reflect this truth. Our massage therapist team is familiar with this situation in a couple and will always plan individual massage therapy for each partner.

You can select one or two massage therapists for your session when booking. Check out our massage rates before making an appointment.


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Our massage therapists are specialized in:

Our in-home massage therapists are passionate and caring without making false promises. There are many massages to choose from for you, and our booking process is quick, efficient and no deposit.


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