In-home massage therapy for couples

All the massage therapy brochures will describe massage as a relaxing self-care experience, a soothing and romantic moment for a couple to enjoy together, but there is more to it than that.

A massage for your couple brings well-being to your physical and mental health and your soul, which is often the most neglected when it comes to your well-being in a relationship.

A couples massage is a sanctuary, a unique experience that allows you to escape the constant push to perform, divide, and compete in the outer world. It’s a moment of unity with your soul and inner world, soothing the stress and tension that the competitive world often brings.


In-home massage therapy for couples


Treat Yourself to a Good Time Together

Life is a balancing act, and it can be challenging to do all at once.

Between work, family, activities and household chores, you sometimes neglect or forget the person you love the most and who shares your life.

Massages allow each partner to experience a reduced heart rate, lose the need to participate in physical activity or have anxious thoughts to enable each person to feel peace and tranquillity in the presence of the other.

Spa Mobile offers couples massages if you want to spend more time with your partner. We set up massage tables side by side, allowing you a relaxing, soothing, and harmonious experience together!


What are the benefits of a couples massage?

Couples massage relaxes your body, and apart from the health benefits, there are some benefits of getting regular couples massages, including:

Quality time: In this fast-paced world, finding time for each other can be difficult. Even when you share a meal, you are bound to answer important phone calls. A couples massage allows you and your partner to stay away from your phones for the session. This helps you both recharge and feel like you are back from a vacation without spending a fortune.

Something new: You may need more gift options or dining elsewhere. Getting a massage together would be a completely new experience and strengthen your bond with your partner.

Relieves stress: The pressure of work or handling many things together can become stressful. These are the reasons that lead to arguments and outbursts in many couples. Getting a massage helps your body release hormones, easing tension and reducing stress levels. Once the massage is over, you can have a conscious conversation.

Increased Affection: Touch stimulates your social hormones and dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. These hormones lift your mood and keep you happy long after the massage. During this time, you feel greater affection for your partner.

Encourages Intimacy: In addition to increased emotional affection, the hormones released after a relaxing massage also increase physical affection for your partner. Therefore, a good massage session together allows you to enjoy greater intimacy.



In-home massage therapy for couples


What is the best time of day for a couples massage?

The best time of day for a couples massage depends on personal preference. Some couples prefer to schedule their massage in the morning to start the day on a relaxed and positive note. Others prefer to schedule their massage in the evening to unwind and de-stress after a long day.

When scheduling a couples massage, consider the availability of the massage therapist. Some may offer special deals or discounts for massages booked at certain times of the day, so it’s worth checking to see if any promotions are available.

Another thing to consider is your schedule and preferences. If you’re an early riser and prefer to do your activities in the morning, scheduling a couples massage in the morning may be the best choice. On the other hand, if you like to sleep in and take things slower in the morning, a couples massage in the afternoon or evening may be more suitable.


How to Get the Ultimate Couples Massage Experience?

Now that you know the theory behind what a couples massage is, what it involves, its benefits, and the types of massages you can choose from, it’s time to make sure you know how to get the most out of your couples massage experience!

How to Prepare?

You need to prepare accordingly to fully enjoy the massage experience. Below, we’ll go over the options for who you can bring to a couples massage, what to wear, and what to pack.

Who to Bring?

The best part of a couples massage is the couple! Who you bring is part of what makes the experience so wonderful. Below, we’ll give you some ideas for who you can choose for your next couples massage.

Your Date Night: Dinner and a movie can get boring after you’ve done it 10, 50, or 100 times. Before you know it, you’ve watched the entire film and are halfway through dinner, not saying a word or even looking at your phone. Change up the routine! A couples massage can be perfect for a date night, a weekend getaway, or even a celebration like an anniversary or engagement. Trust us: you’ll both feel relaxed, happy, and more connected to each other.

Your best friend for a fulfilling experience: While it may not seem as traditional as a date night, taking your best friend for a couples massage can be an incredible experience to share and reminisce about. It’ll give you something unique to talk about, you’ll both come away happier, and you’ll have one more story to write down.

Your mom: This should be a no-brainer. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, her birthday, or any other special occasion, your mom deserves to be pampered too. Think about all she’s done for you. A massage is a great way to return the favour and ensure she is happy and relaxed.


What happens during a couples massage?

You can expect several things during a couples massage, both before and after the massage.

When you are just starting, it is customary to expect that massage therapists will leave you and your massage partner alone for a moment to undress. But don’t be afraid! This is not total nudity. You will probably have to remove your top, and you can crawl onto the massage table immediately.

Although massage therapists act professionally and always keep your private parts covered during the massage, this partial nudity and the vulnerability it implies is why we recommend always taking a couples massage with someone close to you.

Once the massage begins, you can expect total and complete relaxation. Lay back, breathe, enjoy and let go of everything you have been dragging around with you. Focus on enjoying the moment.

Once the massage is over, the massage therapists will leave the room again to allow you to get dressed. Once outside, it is customary to give you more time to relax with your massage partner.

There is one thing you can expect from any couples massage: benefits. Aside from the reasons we have already listed, it is better to go as a couple rather than solo; any massage can bring undeniable health benefits.


Each person in the couple is free to choose their massage

It is possible that your partner prefers a deep tissue massage, and you opt for a relaxing massage. You can choose the one that suits you; you do not need to book an identical massage.

We are always different and free individuals within a relationship, and our choice of massage style must reflect this truth. Our team of massage therapists is familiar with this situation in a couple and will always have an individual massage therapy plan for each partner.

When booking, you can select one or two massage therapists for your session. Check our massage rates before booking an appointment.


In-home massage therapy for couples


Best Types of Massage to Try as a Couple

Every couple has different preferences regarding the types of messages they receive. Our couples massage at SPA-Mobile allows couples to choose what they enjoy or need most from our services. Generally, when it comes to couples massages, the most popular choices include:

Swedish Massage: Relieves stress through long, sweeping strokes across the body;

Deep Tissue Therapy: Relieves pain by targeting individual muscle fibres;

Hot Stone Massage: Uses heated basalt stones to release knots and tension by transferring heat energy into tight muscles.

Our ritual add-ons are also available to take your couple’s massage experience to the next level. Profoundly relaxing and refreshing experiences like our Facial Rituals for Two or something different, like cupping therapy, are available.


What Not to Do Before a Couple Massage?

To make your couple’s massage as enjoyable as possible, you should avoid a few things before your appointment. Here are a few:

Heavy Meals: Eating a heavy meal right before a massage is not recommended, as it can cause discomfort during the treatment. A large, recent meal can cause bloating, making it harder to relax and enjoy the massage. Instead, you can opt for a light snack to lay back comfortably and let the masseuse work her magic without any digestive discomfort.

Alcohol or Caffeine: Excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine can hamper your ability to relax during a massage. Both substances can stimulate your nervous system, making it difficult to achieve the deep relaxation that a massage is intended to provide. To fully enjoy your session, it is best to limit or avoid alcohol and caffeine in the hours leading up to your couples massage.

Intense physical exercise: Intense physical exercise right before a massage may not be beneficial. Tired muscles respond less well to therapeutic massage, and the goal of relaxation and relief may be compromised. It is recommended to avoid any intense exercise immediately before your massage to ensure that your muscles are in the best condition to receive all the benefits of the treatment.

Being late: Arriving late for your couples massage should be avoided at all costs. Not only does it infringe on your allotted massage time, but it also disrupts the tranquil atmosphere and schedule of the spa. Punctuality is essential so that you and your partner can fully enjoy the duration of your session and get the most out of this relaxing and enriching experience.


In-home massage therapy for couples


Do Couples Talk During a Couples Massage?

One of the most common questions people have about couples massage is whether or not they should talk during the massage. The answer to this question depends on your personal preference.

Some couples find that talking during the massage helps them relax and fully enjoy the experience, while others prefer to remain silent and focus on the massage.

If you talk during the massage, keeping the conversation calm and respectful is essential to avoid disturbing the other person. You should also communicate with your massage therapist about the pressure and areas you want them to focus on during the massage.



Our massage therapists specialize in the following:

Our in-home massage therapists are passionate and caring without making false promises. You can choose from many massages, and our booking process is quick, efficient, and requires no deposit.


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