Emergency massage therapy at your home or work

Sometimes the pain is so intense that you don’t feel like waiting days to make an appointment with a massage therapist because the situation’s urgency is your top priority.

This pain is so sharp and sudden that receiving the massage therapist at your whereabouts is a solution not to aggravate your case and thus enjoy a more beneficial rest before her arrival.

Whether you are at your home, at your work or a retirement home, Spa Mobile travels to offer you. massage therapy services that help relieve pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, reduce joint or muscle stiffness and promote healing of all soft-tissue injuries.


Emergency massage therapy at your home or work


What are the soft tissues that we massage urgently?

Soft tissue affects, for example, sprains and stiffness in your muscles, tendons and ligaments.

We offer specific strengthening through massage therapy and rehabilitation through exercise for all conditions and for all age groups to allow you to fully regain your well-being and your form as quickly as possible.

All private insurance companies also recognize spa Mobile, and we provide service to your home and work as quickly as possible to help you heal and manage all your injury problems. Such tours can be organized on request.

Check out our massage rates before making an appointment.


Emergency massage therapy at your home or work


Our massage therapists are specialized in:

Our in-home massage therapists are passionate and caring without making false promises. There are many massages to choose from for you and our booking process is quick, efficient and no deposit.


Relaxation massage Therapeutic massage Deep tissue massage

Sports massage Reflexology massage Lymphatic drainage

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