How many times have we denied our feelings in the presence of people with title and great knowledge and then been disappointed that they didn’t follow our truths?

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Wouldn’t you like to dispel your doubts and feel confident, no matter which massage therapist you meet?

Never forget that what matters to you is not the title or experience of a massage therapist, but your well-being!


Skills aren’t everything!

Have you noticed that we’ve been forced by education to trust people with titles, professions, powers, authority, and curiously, we give them blind trust?

A title, a profession, a certificate, a diploma, the number of years of experience – these are all sure signs of a massage therapist’s skills, and they’re easy to spot.

But there’s more to choosing a home massage service than skill!


The way we are is the key to confidence

The massage therapist may give an excellent massage, have great skills in massage therapy to make you feel good in your body, but he or she could also have an attitude that doesn’t bring well-being to your feelings and doubts to your mind.

For example, if I’m arrogant, if I think I’m superior to you with my knowledge, if I’m not attentive to your fears or doubts, if I don’t intend to understand you, but to contradict you, if I’m not honest in my rates, if I’m not sincere in my actions, then the benefits of massage may displease you and never hold my attention again. services.

Often, without realizing it, professionals have the nasty habit of hiding this attitude behind their skills, titles, certificates or associations.

They make us feel less important. As if they wanted us to have blind faith in them and never ask questions to remove our doubts!

In truth, our doubts are our truths. We don’t doubt their skills, but rather their attitude, their way of relating to us.

And the only way we can trust another is by removing the doubts in our minds and thus bringing true trust into existence.

Have you noticed that when someone tells you to trust them, a curious doubt enters your mind?


A few warning signs before choosing a therapist

Being aware that attitude in relationships is the basis of well-being increases the quality of your decisions.

Here are a few obvious signs that a massage therapist is aware that well-being is a matter of benefiting body, mind and soul.

Marketing is the first sign to look for before contacting a therapist, because it’s the way to advertise yourself to potential clients.


When searching on the Internet :

  • An interesting website with captivating articles gives you an idea of its interest and passion for helping you make better decisions.
  • Never trust comments on the Internet, as it’s easy to write fake ones and tell lies to manipulate you.
  • Services that add value, not imitate other therapists. It shows a consciousness of treating people as unique human beings and not just to make money.
  • Different rates and advantageous specials to see your concerns about your expenses and not make you pay for them.
  • The simplicity of navigating his website makes it easy to appreciate his order and compassion for people who don’t have time to waste on the complicated.


During your first telephone conversation :

  • Trust your feelings during the first discussion, because that’s your truth.
  • If the therapist talks too much about her massage techniques instead of trying to understand the reason for your call, then don’t waste your time.
  • If you leave a text or email, a 6-hour response time is a serious indication of his commitment.
  • The therapist must absolutely take control of the discussion by asking you questions to ascertain your intentions.
  • Rates must be advertised, otherwise there’s an attempt to make more money by taking advantage of your emotions once you’re there.
  • In this first discussion, if you have a small doubt, then say so to see if his answer removes your doubt or if his answer seeks to force you to trust him.


For your first massage:

  • It’s too late to turn back, and if you’re good, then you’ll have done some excellent preparation before meeting her.
  • If you don’t feel good, then probably his attitude doesn’t match your values and you won’t come back.


With this information, you can have a basis for better evaluating a therapist according to your feelings and intentions.

When in doubt, always respect your feelings, for they are what is true for you.


Choose massage therapists who are attentive to your situation.

If you want a unique massage to relax or free yourself from your pain, discomfort, pain or suffering, isn’t it wise and sensible to turn to massage therapists who know what you are doing? Live?


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