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Massage therapy has helped out people of all age groups since ancient times. Not only has it provided relief to individuals, but it has tackled various illnesses too. Before the advancements in medical science, people used to seek masseuses. Recent and modern scientific researches have emphasized the need for massage therapy too.

Older adults, specifically, face numerous physical problems. Pain, stiffness, joint inflammations, and fatigue are common issues in old age.

Most of the time, older adults avoid physical exercise and accept their problems as they are. You will be shocked to know how massage benefits adults can turn their lives around. Who doesn’t want a healthy and pain-free lifestyle?

According to a study conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association, an estimated nine million adults over 55 received a total of 39 million massages and showed incredible positive results. Let’s take a look at the massage benefits for adults that can help you!

1. Improved Blood Circulation

As people get older, their circulatory system is significantly affected due to the decrease in physical movement. Massage therapy helps a lot because it can increase the blood flow to all the parts of the human body. This can help older adults feel better and maintain a healthy body.

Limbs are the most affected, so elders feel trouble walking. Massage therapy will increase the blood flow towards the limbs too.

2. Strengthening Balance and Improving Gair

Many seniors fear falling due to their loss of grip and balance in old age. It gets hard to walk properly and maintain your gait. This is why many old adults frequently fall, which further injures them.

Proprioception is vital to have a steady gait. It can be achieved in older adults through massage therapy. It helps enhance and recover the sense of relative positions, which eventually helps avoid falling. Indeed, it is one of the best massage benefits for older adults.

3. Decreases Stiffness

Stiffness is extremely common among older people. It hinders their movement and hardens their muscles. As Mayo Clinic agrees too, massage works actively to loosen the tightened up tissues and release the tension. This can help older adults in physical movement multi-folds.

4. Benefits The Nervous System

Apart from the bodily advantages, massage therapy can significantly help older adults’ minds. It stimulates the release of hormones, endorphins, and neurotransmitters. The best part is that it releases happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine. This is bound to make the seniors happy, especially when old age can become boring!

5. Speeds Up Stroke Recovery

Strokes can be frightening and terrible. Before authentic medical studies were done on strokes in older adults, they were advised to stay on bed rest for a few days. However, it has now been proved that movement is essential in stroke recovery.

Massage therapy can, hence, help heavily in the rehabilitation of strokes. It eases and improves blood flow to all the tissues and muscles that result in the stimulation of concerned areas. Paralyzed parts significantly regain motor control in this way too. American Medical Association claims the same affirmation in so many of its publications.

6. Flexibility

When people get old, their muscles get tightened due to a lack of physical activity. This is why it is vital to get massage therapy frequently in adults. Just a one-hour session every day can help elders get the physical stimulation they need to improve their health. It softens up the joints and muscles, helping elders regain flexibility and strength to a greater extent.

7.Arthritic Pain Relief

Arthritis is one of the most common illnesses among older adults. It involves the inflammation and sensitization of joints that can cause significant pain. It also hinders movement and can cause discomfort.


Massage therapy cannot entirely cure arthritis but can help relieve the symptoms. It helps release the built-up muscle tension. Massage also acts as a convenient alternative for stimulation.

8.Better Sleep

Older people often face insomnia, which can be very uncomfortable. Deep and healthy sleep is not only vital in relieving stress but also in restoring their health. It gives the human mind some time to take a break and rest.

Many older people who are given massage therapy claim that they sleep better. It helps achieve general well-being and composure.

9.Alleviation In Alzheimer

Back massage therapy can provide instant pain relief in older adults with Alzheimer’s disease. Agitation expressions are common in Alzheimer’s patients and include wandering restlessly. Massage therapy can help release the good hormones in the patient’s body that make them feel better.

10.Stimulation Of The Digestive System

Constipation is a common issue faced by seniors. Massage therapy can ease defecation remarkably. It stimulates muscle movement that eventually enhances the digestive system. Elders who receive massage sessions weekly claim to have a better stomach.

Massage therapy is essential, but only a few people are aware of its importance. It can help older people live better lives. It helps regain strength and flexibility, making it easier to move again.


Most of the elders who started receiving massage therapy have claimed to feel much better. It has helped them tackle their various physical illnesses. The hormonal release it causes is a reward on its own because it helps older adults feel so much better. In an age where there is minimal activity, massage therapy can do wonders. 

When accompanied by other measures and activities like Tai Chi and meditation, massage therapy can prove to be exceptionally effective. The awareness of massage benefits for older adults has helped millions of individuals reap the advantages!