Are you constantly anxious or plagued by special conditions?

Do you have concerns or fears that you are not up to the task in any situation?

Do the goals of your job or other activities make you nervous or restless?

Do you feel pressure or panic about doing something?

Do you imagine the future with great trepidation and a feeling of helplessness?

So many people are like you, feeling as though they are navigating a stormy sea with a daily life filled with stressful expectations, under constant surveillance by others to make them feel guilty or demean them, and in a climate of tense fear of problems that might arise. Occur.

How can you feel calm despite these unwanted situations and thus avoid experiencing depression, burnouts or serious illnesses that could arise if you do not do anything different from others?

This guide helps you realize that a relaxing massage can relieve you of your chronic stress, but you must go beyond traditional medicines and medicines to end it without struggle or resistance.


It is the truth that frees yourself, not the efforts you make to free yourself from stress!




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What is stress?

When you feel stressed, your mind demands your body shift into high gear to deal with the threat: your heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure increase. The more stressed you are, the more strained your body is.

Stress is a consequence resulting from your creative power, and it manifests in your life through your thoughts, words, and actions, probably without realizing it.

It is a personal feeling that indicates a truth about who you are not but must exist to freely and consciously choose who you are. Without this choice between the two, no choice is possible, so you have to accept the stress and accept that you are the creator of it to bring into existence in your mind a new choice and this time conscious.

In truth, if you do not accept your unconscious choice to have created it, you declare its absence, its non-existence, and only what exists can be transformed, never what you deny, never what does not exist in you. Reality.

You experience stress when there are demands, obligations or expectations about something in the future that are imposed on you or by others.

Therefore, your level and extent of perceived stress depend a lot on your deep thinking (believing) about a particular situation, such as:

  • Wanting to succeed in something and feeling stressed if you think you are going to fail;
  • Have high expectations and feel stressed if you think you cannot achieve them;
  • Having too much work or doing something and feeling stressed if you think you won’t be able to finish on time;
  • See your children behaving badly and feeling stressed about believing that you are not a good parent;
  • Wanting someone’s love and feeling stressed if you believe that love is exclusive and requires conditions;
  • Have a difficult financial situation and feel stressed if you think you cannot pay all of your bills;
  • Wanting to be appreciated by others and feeling anxious if you think you are inadequate in some situation.


Stress is a form of worry, of fear, in accepting life not as it is, but as it should be.


Stress at work


What are chronic stress and its symptoms?

When stress becomes chronic, so when you find that it interferes with your ability to function normally over an extended period of time, that is when your stress can have an unfortunate impact on your physical and mental health.

You can often have, including:

  • Impatience and irritability;
  • Lack of attention;
  • Lack of motivation;
  • Headaches and migraines;
  • Physical pain;
  • Muscle tension;
  • Insomnia or drowsiness;
  • Aggressive social behaviour;
  • A lack of energy;
  • Unjustified sadness;
  • Greater nervousness;
  • Fuzzy or troubled thoughts;
  • A change in appetite;
  • A weight problem;
  • Gastric indigestion and reflux;
  • Diarrhea and constipation;
  • An increase in the consumption of alcohol or drugs;
  • Changes in your emotional reactions to others.


When the term “stress” is used in a clinical sense, it refers to a situation that causes a feeling of distress or distress and can lead to other mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression or panic.

Chronic stress can even contribute to serious long-term illness, whether it’s heart disease, high blood pressure, reduced immunity, cirrhosis of the faith, changes in the brain, and even suicide.

When stress turns into a serious illness, it is important to get help from a healthcare professional as soon as possible, not to cure it, but to provide you with quick relief.


What is the difference between stress and anxiety?

Stress and anxiety are often used interchangeably.

Although the symptoms may seem similar, they are different. Oftentimes, anxiety is triggered by a stressful situation, and the two often go hand in hand. However, it is also possible to feel stressed without feeling anxious.

Anxiety is most closely associated with constantly worrying or brooding over things, even when little is happening. Sometimes anxiety can be part of a generalized anxiety syndrome that is disturbing your nervous system and a condition that you can experience even when the outside world is quite calm.

On the other hand, stress tends to be the response, a person’s reaction to some situation or event.


What are the factors that stress people out?

Every day, people stay home, miss school, go to the doctor or die from the effects of stress.

It is estimated that North American employers spend $ 350 billion annually on health care and lost workdays related to stress. Up to 80% of workplace accidents are due to stress or stress-related issues, such as being too distracted or tired.

Several factors stress people, not the cause of your chronic stress, but your way of thinking about these factors.

Therefore, it is not enough to eliminate the factors or the effects to stop being stressed; it is necessary to accept and understand your way of thinking and your deep beliefs to act on the process in question and thus transform your way of thinking, by higher conscious choice.

You cannot change the way you think by using your own way of thinking, for your way of thinking is an effect, a form, a result, a consequence of your choices. You have to consciously create your own way of thinking with different points of view and perceptions by having an open mind to things you don’t know or believe.


Guide to Chronic Stress: Accepting, Understanding, and Making a Higher Choice


People wait until they have a problem to take care of them, instead of taking care of them when everything is going well!


What do you want as a solution to your well-being?

Was your chronic stress consciously created by you? Have you had in mind the idea of wanting to live under stress? Since when do people consciously and deliberately seek to hurt themselves, to make themselves suffer?

Can you accept that you have not consciously chosen to live stressed, but have imitated without choice, therefore unconsciously, to live stressed by the pressure and conditioning of the environment?

In truth, you still have the free choice of your desires, but you simply forgot the existence of this choice by imitating people who, too, were not aware of their freedom of choice between unconsciousness and consciousness of their own desires.

If you want to have temporary well-being to get rid of your chronic stress, then you will react by learned habit and by imitation, therefore without consciously choosing solutions offered by others to relieve you.

On the other hand, if you want to have permanent well-being to free yourself from your chronic stress, then you will act differently and by creation, therefore with a conscious choice, a solution both temporary coming from others to relieve you and a creative solution coming from you to free yourself completely from it.

What would you like? What do you consciously choose to experience as well-being? Isn’t that the question that matters most to you?

Why choose a solution or a treatment if you are not aware of what you want above all?


Do drugs cure chronic stress?

The drugs look so nice and harmless!

With their beautiful round shapes, little diamonds, little cylinders of all colours and even little hearts, probably kids would make cute necklaces to wear.

Few of the drugs are really curing. We first think of antibiotics, which kill germs and invade the body. Still, we know that infectious disease is often the result of an interaction between the patient and the germ and that the fragility of the host matters as much as the virulence of the visitor.

According to one study, in 75% of cases, the doctor who prescribed an antibiotic did not consider it essential, but he thought the patient was expecting one. A patient whose doctor thinks he was waiting for an antibiotic is more likely to be prescribed than if he was actually waiting for one.


Medicines and sweets


No drug really cures stress.

Medicines have been prescribed for a long time to calm the symptoms of stress, many of which have nothing to do with the disease.

Isn’t it a bit like playing the sorcerer’s apprentice to prescribe a drug for stress at work, heartache or an antidepressant during bereavement or job loss?

Who can say the effects of these prescriptions in the medium and long term, both at the individual and collective levels?

Millions of people are on antidepressants or tranquillizers cannot be taken as trivial by those interested in understanding and providing creative solutions to end chronic stress.

The effectiveness of antidepressants is questionable in many of the situations where they are prescribed. Many studies are inconclusive, and their evaluation is usually done in the short term. Yet, in Western countries, their prescriptions increased by 500% between 2011 and 2020.


Stress prevention through medication

The spectacular boom in preventive drugs is more recent.

Their goal is to give a stressed person who is not necessarily sick but at risk a drug to reduce and prevent this risk of chronic stress.

The interest for the drug manufacturer is that there are many more people at risk than people who are really stressed. In fact, it is more profitable to market a drug administered to a large part of the population to prevent stress than to find the solution that addresses this situation.

The downside is that there is no benefit to that patient for the vast majority of patients who take preventative medication and great dependency is possible.


The influence of pharmaceutical manufacturers in chronic stress

Chronic stress is a social and mental construct, variable depending on the weather and the culture of the environment because it is increasingly influenced by the pharmaceutical lobby, which seeks to modify the perception and understanding of well-being in the population.

In truth, the pharmaceutical companies want to turn chronic stress into a disease for which they are offering drugs to relieve it. What good is it for them to permanently end chronic stress and thus lose profits and lose many patients?

The development of pharmacology has contributed to the immense successes of modern medicine, but a quarter of drugs have not been proven effective. Some have a narrow therapeutic window and often bring dependence or resistance as side effects and, above all, a decrease in the immune system’s effectiveness.


Reducing the criteria of stress to make it look like healthy people are stressed

The criteria or risk factors for being stressed are lowered, and as a result, many people who consider themselves to be in good health have become stressed without realizing it.

By inventing stressors, measures to “prove” it, such as tests or questionnaires, more and more people are considered to have chronic stress and thus believe that they are potentially stressed.

Obviously, pharmaceutical companies influence these trends via doctors, politicians, patient associations and citizens with many daily advertisements.

To increase beliefs, these same companies publish many favourable studies as unfavourable studies of their newer drugs which cost more. Limited in time, they obviously cannot detect long-term effects. In fact, studies tend to overestimate the positive effects and underestimate the side effects.

The drugs are often tested in young men selected and often carriers of a single pathology. In everyday life, they are prescribed in more stressed and older patients, carriers of several pathologies and especially under the influence of several drugs that interact with each other.

However, interactions are the source of many side effects, and elderly patients or patients with several pathologies are much more sensitive to the side effects of drugs.

The truth is, no medicine can cure chronic stress, and no doctor can help a person get free from it, for stress is first created by the mind, by our power of creation, which begins with the idea that begins. Is formed in our mind, followed by spoken words and ultimately by our actions.

Fortunately, nowadays, more and more people are starting to realize that chronic stress is not a physical illness but a mistake, a lesser choice in the way we think.

Does the permanent solution to your chronic stress lie in both relaxing treatment, realizing how your stress started, how it became chronic and using your creative power consciously to create a plan for you? Action that motivates you to take action and the great joy of accomplishing a goal close to your heart?


Pharmaceutical firm


What are the treatments for chronic stress?

Most treatments for stress focus on:

  • Identify the signs or symptoms of stress;
  • Take medication to numb the mind and body;
  • Get plenty of rest and take time off from work;
  • Try a treatment to see if it works;
  • Try another treatment to see if it works;
  • Try other treatments to see if they work;
  • Create a deep dependence on believing in the treatments of others.


As you can see, you can create a deep habit of trying many stress treatments, wasting your time, money and patience, which will increase your stress levels by realizing that the real solution is not found in reactive treatments, but quite simply in a creative treatment based on your initiative to know how your stress started and how you developed a deep habit of keeping it in place.

On the other hand, if you desire to relieve yourself of your chronic stress, then your choice will depend on one of the many temporary treatments in the following table because they are quick and provide an immediate effect without however putting an end to your chronic stress.


temporary stress treatments


In most passive treatments, the patients feel the calming effects because they are in a state of tranquillity, which makes them very popular and attractive compared to medical solutions for chronic stress.

Much research has been done on active treatments (the person does the actions themselves) like mindfulness meditation, reading, exercising, yoga or walking and can really help people relieve chronic stress.

However, even with active treatments, there is a huge risk that it will not improve because, first and foremost, you have to understand how your chronic stress started and the deep habits that have set in.

Therefore, all these reactive treatments (passive or active) are temporary solutions because they forget to understand the process involved, which created and recreates your chronic stress.

These treatments only relieve your stress, regardless of whether they are passive or active.


Stress medications

Stress medications are generally not the first course of action in treating stress. However, if stress prevents you from functioning in your day-to-day life, it may be a sign of a depressive disorder or anxiety disorder. In these cases, a doctor may prescribe medication to help relieve your symptoms.

Here are the medications often prescribed:

  • Antidepressants: If you suffer from depression, lack of energy, lack of motivation and difficulty concentrating.
  • Anxiolytics (anti-anxiety drugs): Chronic stress can easily turn into anxiety and can seem crippling. In some cases, additional stress can increase the likelihood of experiencing a panic attack. It may be beneficial to take the anti-anxiety medication.

In many cases, an antidepressant with anti-anxiety properties is tried first. While it can be very effective in reducing anxiety, it carries the risk of addiction. For this reason, if an antidepressant does not treat anxiety and stress effectively, other medications may be considered.


Conscious and deliberate rest is a very productive activity

Nowadays, we are starting to tend to take back ownership of our time and give our minds a moment of rest.

In our North American culture, where productivity and competition are valued as the highest standards and ideals, resting our minds and bodies is often seen, often unwelcome, as a lazy or unnecessary thing. As we know, in Canada, laziness is far from being seen as a quality, and yet we are seeing more and more moments reserved for naps and relaxing massages, even in the workplace.

And for a good reason, they promote productivity precisely thanks to letting go!

Disconnecting your mind from expectations, demands, and obligations is great for your health. Your body, cells and organs need rest to regenerate.

Having too much activity often leads to stress, which leads to the formation of cortisol, a hormone which, if produced for too long, will be harmful to health and cause side effects such as obesity, hypertension, gastrointestinal reflux: esophageal cells or the reduced immune system.

These negative impacts on health also reinforce psychological discomfort and fuel a vicious circle. Staying at home and doing quiet activities like reading, gardening, cleaning, or cooking has been shown to help lower stress and, therefore, lower cortisol levels.

We also find that doing nothing is a subjective notion. Many people think that staying at home, even having an occupation, is like doing nothing and not rewarding.

In fact, to do nothing consciously and deliberately is not to doze off or daydream but to stay fully awake in “non-action.” Non-action is not inaction; it is full inner activity. We do nothing in all conscience and without trying to run towards a goal, but we feel everything, we see everything, we listen to everything.


Treatments or therapies against stress

Stress therapy can be beneficial, especially when acute stress is involved. Talking to another person can be helpful, and talking to a healthcare professional can be even more helpful.


  • Behaviour therapy: Behavioral therapy focuses on changing a person’s thoughts and behaviours to change their feelings. Changing the way a person thinks and reacts to situations can reduce that person’s stress. This approach can also work on helping with time management skills where appropriate. Here are some of the passive and active stress therapies:
  • Alternative stress management therapies: The goal of many alternative stress management techniques is to activate the body’s natural relaxation response consciously. Many of these techniques provide the best results when performed regularly and may not provide complete results initially.
  • Deep breathing: Deep breathing is one of the simplest stress management techniques. It can be used anywhere and anytime. Many deep breathing exercises can be used. However, all that is needed is to slow down your breathing and focus on deep breaths consciously.
  • Exercise: Exercise helps keep the body in good condition but can also help keep the mind in good shape. Exercise releases natural chemicals in the brain that reduce stress, improve mood, and increase energy. Exercise can also improve sleep, which can help reduce stress.
  • Meditation: Meditation does not necessarily mean sitting on the floor in an empty room. Meditation can be done anywhere, anytime. Meditation helps a person focus their attention on the present moment and clear their mind of stressful thoughts. Meditation can be difficult to practice at first. Trying guided techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation can be helpful when first practicing meditation. It can also be helpful to repeat a word or mantra to focus your thoughts.

Stress treatments can be extremely effective when started early and continued with consistency. If you live with both stress and addiction, help is available.


Why are treatments incomplete to cure stress?

Passive therapies are solutions where the patient does not need to participate, move, to make an effort. Therefore no decision or action on his part is required.

Many therapists spend their time trying to act on parts of the body that are not even responsible for chronic stress. What you need to realize is that there is no single cause for chronic stress.

Chronic stress is a complex set of factors. Ultimately, if someone claims to know the exact cause of your chronic stress, it must raise many doubts in your mind.

A reactive treatment (passive or active) targeting the so-called cause of your stress problem, therefore, has very little chance of resolving it definitively, of putting an end to it. I’m not saying these therapies are unnecessary. They can be useful when integrated with a creative solution that seeks to understand how your stress started and create an action plan to end it.

They are certainly not when presented as the only treatment for your chronic stress.

However, it is important to remember your first desire, either to relieve your chronic stress or to relieve it and put an end to it permanently. It’s all about your personal desire.


Treatments are all the same but with different appearances

You can continually make choices about your chronic stress, reactive choices that are all temporary and mimic. Still, to free yourself from your chronic stress, you have only one solution, one higher choice, and it is to be aware that all these treatments offered are just fewer choices.

Obviously, they give you some relief, but relief is always temporary.

On the other hand, it would not be good for these therapists to provide you with a permanent solution, as they mistakenly believe that this could mean the end for them to see you as a paying client. Therefore, they are looking for ways for you to depend on them! It is a question of fear for them and not of bad faith.

By choosing treatment solutions among these many temporary and reactive choices, you only repeat the same lesser choice under different appearances!

This deep habit stems from the fact that you have forgotten, that you are not aware of your creative power, that you are a powerful creator, that you have created your chronic stress by your thoughts, words and actions, and so on. never accept your own responsibility for what happens to you, especially the things you call “a problem.”

It never occurs to you to intend to understand yourself, as it takes time, introspection, and self-love. And since you live by looking for quick, but unfortunately temporary, solutions, then you don’t want to put any mental effort into knowing the process within you that created your chronic stress.

And that introspection and love begin with having an open mind, a mind that doesn’t seek to be right but to understand its creative nature and how this stressful experience originated.


What is the real role of a health professional?

The real role of a health professional is not to make you dependent on him or to believe himself an authority towards you, but to guide you and to accompany you towards independence.

It allows you to make the most of your potential, thanks to therapeutic education, exercises and movements, lifestyle advice, to understand how your stress started, how certain unconscious habits restore strength. Your chronic stress and explain your creative power to motivate you to take action.

By imparting knowledge and experiences to you, it helps you update your beliefs and representations about the chronic stress you are experiencing. Breaking the vicious cycle of chronic stress takes time, as well as a profound and lasting change in your lifestyle. Therefore, this translates into a change in your beliefs and habitual behaviours.

Obviously, he offers you his therapies to temporarily relieve you because he too has personal desires and intentions that you should not forget, just like yours. By creating an environment favourable to healing and with the help of treatments as a temporary solution, it gives you all the means to take charge of yourself to allow you to access autonomy and well-being.

Therefore, you can tailor your lifestyle and activities for the best possible healing to end and relieve your chronic stress.

As you will have understood, the main changes are happening on your side, on your initiative and on your motivation. This is not to put all the responsibility on you, of course, but to make you realize that you have to participate actively.

Unfortunately, very few therapists have this global view and even fewer doctors!


Taking a more creative approach is the best thing you can do for chronic stress!


What’s the permanent solution to your chronic stress?

If I told you that the permanent solution to releasing your chronic stress is within you, then you won’t want to read this guide because most of you routinely look for quick fixes in others, for you do not believe in yourself, you do not believe in your creative power received at your birth, for almost all the people around you are not aware of it either.

So, the permanent solution to your chronic stress consists of two things:

  1. Relieve your chronic stress with treatment without side effects such as relaxing massage ;
  2. Completely heal your chronic stress by consciously using your creative power.


But before you use your creative power, you must recognize the experience that created your chronic stress so that you do not subconsciously repeat that same experience. By recognizing the factors and habits involved, you can act on them differently and thus produce different consequences.


How did your chronic stress start?

One of the most natural things in life is that you cannot change an experience without knowing how it was created. It is by knowing the experience that helps you understand your present situation and thus avoid reliving the same experience in the future.

Therein lies your permanent and unique solution for you to end your chronic stress. It is not with the therapists, nor with the doctors, nor with me. The information is already in you.

However, it is challenging to remember your past, and this is why you show certain experiences and points of view to awaken your memory with freedom of consciousness.

In truth, you don’t have to learn or acquire anything; you just have to remember something and then make higher choices or not.


You already have in you all the information that created your chronic stress.

No single solution exists to end your chronic stress because each person is different in their way of life. Your environment has influenced the way you live and contributed to your chronic stress without realizing it.

Therefore, it is by accepting your responsibility for having unconsciously created your stress; it is by accepting that there are no victims or bad people that you can open your mind and thus activate it without struggle or resistance.

The good news is, no one in the world knows what’s been going on in your life better than you, so you already have all the information in you. Just look at your past in your memory and observe the world to remind yourself of the process of creation in thought, talk and action that helped produce your stress.


How did my stress start?

Was I stressed at five? Of course not!

What happened next?

  • Like everyone else, I went to school and was taught that I had to be better than others through competition to be among the winners because the losers were inferior people, little people. How stressful it is not to be up to the task to look good!
  • I was not to make mistakes because they would laugh at me, ridicule me, make me feel guilty, punish me, so I had to avoid doing something new and live by a known scenario. How stressful it is to be judged, demeaned and criticized by others who are not doing anything new!
  • I had to listen to those in charge because they knew what was good for me and in life, so I had to obey orders without asking questions. How stressful it is not to question people who think they are more important!
  • I had to depend on authority, for it provided me with my needs to survive, so I submitted to authority out of fear of losing something. How stressful it is not to have control over my life!
  • I had to respect and demand exchanges in my relationships because, in this way, I could have guarantees to keep my happiness. Therefore love had conditions and obligations. How stressful it is to want to control and manipulate people!
  • I had to believe and give blind trust to people who had a lot of education or were born before me because the accumulation of knowledge, words, years was the highest level of intelligence and not the wisdom to apply the knowledge learned. How stressful it is to deny your own truths and lose self-confidence.


This is how my stress started, but it got worse during my adulthood to become chronic stress.


My stress has become chronic.

As I became an adult, I was filled with beliefs or conditions about what life should be and not what life is. My mind was infested with expectations or preconceived ideas that I must have to fulfill myself as an individual.

Having a school diploma, having a good job, a good boss, having a house, a wife, children, having money, a retirement plan, having security, having comfort, etc. All these desires were only things to HAVE, therefore bodily desires.

I also wanted to HAVE a good image of success, so I wanted more; I wanted to be the best, I wanted to look good, to be up to the task, not to show that I have problems.

And what happened when I couldn’t achieve these ideals? I became more and more stressed, frustrated, and I struggled with others who also sought out the same desires.

We all forgot to focus on what we could do for others and thereby remove from our minds the unconscious selfishness that was causing our chronic stress.

I wanted more money, more good, more of this, more of that, but I offered nothing more to others as kind, generous, and fair behaviour.

In truth, I had no goal close to my heart, no written action plan, and I was living obliviously and beyond my means, wanting everything quickly and on credit. It is not very motivating to work to pay for the past!

Without realizing it, I waited until I had a problem taking care of myself, someone or something, instead of taking care of myself, others or something when everything was going well!

For example, I didn’t take care of my health when everything was going well, I didn’t take care of my romantic relationship when everything was going well, and I didn’t take care of my financial situation when everything was going well.

Security is, in fact, which gives birth to insecurity, as it kept me trapped in the stillness of comfort.

And when I experienced certain anxiety in an area, therefore certain stress, I reacted by looking for a temporary or reactive solution without realizing to understand how it had originated and to create a creative project consciously.

When people are under constant stress, they almost always look for temporary solutions to alleviate their anxieties. In truth, they don’t realize that they have been conditioned to want to feel safe at all costs and, most importantly, to show an image of a person up to the task to look good then contributing, to create and live in constant fear and worry.

Unfortunately, life is not a comfortable scenario that repeats itself from one known past to another known past that you call “future.” Humans invented stress by not accepting, not understanding the usefulness of problems and not knowing their creative power to deal with them.

Stress is not part of our human nature as many specialists claim; it presents itself in our life using our own unconscious decisions and creations of wanting at all costs to achieve a goal, an idea where we have no control over others and results.


You were born with powerful creative power.

Have you noticed that when you find your ideas on your own without anyone telling you what to think or what to do, you have a strong urge to act because, at that moment, your motivation is by your true nature, which is? Based on your freedom of choice?

This is no accident!

But when someone tells you what to think and what to do, tells you what solution to take, your urge to act is very low, if not nonexistent because your nature is not to be controlled or to live under authority. Or the approval of others.

However, you have been conditioned just like me, since our childhood, not to believe in us, to give blind confidence to people with “titles” or in positions of authority and thus forget to think for ourselves, to create by ourselves from our personal problems, from our truths in the soul.

No wonder most people seek solutions in others for lack of self-motivation, for fear of not being successful the first time, for lack of awareness of how a human being works and because we are unaware of our power to creation. We believe that we do not have all the tools to face the problems of life. So we stress ourselves about everything and nothing.

We stress ourselves with measurable goals that bring terrible stress because we can’t know the results of something new, and a problem is always something new, there are no old problems. Still, we are looking to solve a new problem with past or known ideas or solutions. It goes against life as it is.

In fact, have you been conditioned to want to be successful the first time in whatever you do? How can you feel the joy, the overwhelming joy of achieving something new? To end your chronic stress on your own?

The result of creation cannot be known. Otherwise, the game of life will be over, and failure, which is not being successful the first time, is the first step to success, and perseverance is its fundamental quality. The action and the evolution of consciousness is the consequence in the soul.

People who do not experience failures are often dead, joyless, and very few evolved people who lead others to control them to achieve their purely selfish desires out of the oblivion of who they are, out of the oblivion of their creative power.


What is the energy of creation?

We are the energy that creates all of our desires, but we are convinced to be a body instead of being convinced to be a soul, spirit and body. Therefore, we seek to manipulate or control others to get something, for we have been conditioned to live this way and forget about our great power of creation.

Here are the 3 energies of creation that we are:

  1. Our soul indicates a truth that we have created as a feeling and its desire without imposing it on our minds.
  2. Our spirit chooses to fulfill or against the soul’s desire to create something new consciously or to react subconsciously by repeating something known. The tools of creation are thought, speech (spoken or written) and action.
  3. Our body executes the intentions of our mind.


By talking to a conscious massage therapist (my daughter) and receiving a monthly relaxing massage which only brought me temporary well-being regarding my chronic stress, we understood that if I did not choose to create a project to free myself from chronic stress, therefore to achieve my desire, that all the existing treatments would succeed not.

Therefore, a written plan of action was needed based on the factors that have always contributed to stressing me, and the process of my permanent healing began with accepting life as it is and not as it should be.


How to create an action plan to free yourself from chronic stress?

Have you forgotten that your nature is first to choose your desired desires and a goal to accomplish that is close to your heart and then see the means or solutions to get there?

But first of all, you must be aware of what you desire as a result and accomplishment in your imagination, for this is the foundation of your next decisions, intentions and actions which will produce these new results.

It is not for the healthcare professional to choose your desires, or your intentions, or to tell you what to do or not to do! If you keep believing otherwise, then you are never going to be able to end your chronic stress.

Thus, it is necessary to specify what you really want consciously, choose your intention (the goal to be accomplished that is close to your heart) and from there, to write a monthly action plan that will change as your consciousness progresses.



The first step is to determine in writing your action plan what you want and not what you do not want. What you want is much more motivating and less daunting than what you don’t want. As you write it down, you cannot forget it, and you stay the course, the direction of your desire.

It helps you get closer to the things you love rather than moving away from the things you don’t.

A soul desire is a state of being, a feeling or a sensation that you want to achieve and often contrary to your current truth, your current feeling. It comes about consciously by knowing and clearly deciding what you want, but never unconsciously by imitating without realizing it, the environment in which you have been conditioned.

Our current environment conditions our minds to live under stress by repeating the same conditions and reactive solutions as our predecessors.



So, to achieve your desire, you have to create something consciously by accomplishing a goal that is very close to your heart, therefore using your imagination to clarify your intention.

To accomplish a goal is not to have, to obtain or to have something, but to finish, to produce, to complete something by yourself. One of the deepest unconscious habits that exist in our society is to make others act to accomplish something and then to profit from the realized desire.

To accomplish a goal, you must commit to doing something next by acting on the factors contributing to your chronic stress. To understand that many actions will not work, but by experiencing them, you will get closer to the actions that will work.

To do this, all you have to do is ask yourself a simple and personal question: What is the accomplishment that is really close to your heart and that will allow you to feel the great joy of fulfilling your desire to free yourself from chronic stress once and for all?

The answer concerning your goal is a series of words to your desire, such as example:

  • I want to be calm in my work to be able to create new stimulating and rewarding projects.
  • I want to be calm about my financial situation so that I can diversify my income and live debt-free
  • I want to be well in my romantic relationship so that I can love purely and naturally.

The intention is an accomplishment that you want to create, a purpose that you are passionate about through actions to be done. In other words, without actions on your part, you cannot accomplish this goal and, therefore, never achieve your desire.

One of the deepest habits that stress people out is believing in goals, not believing in accomplishments. Measurable goals place considerable stress on both quantity and time measurements. Avoid the pursuit of goals and choose the pursuit of a goal to accomplish by your own actions.

The goal is a physical desire. Therefore something to HAVE and the soul’s desire is something to BE.



In the past, I always used to react to a problem with a solution outside of me without really knowing how it arose and thus avoid understanding the factors in the process involved. It never occurred to me to write a plan of action because no one around me lived that way.

Wanting to accomplish something without having a written action plan is a bad habit that doesn’t work. Looking at all the healthcare professionals, all the leaders and everyone who loves to be in a position of authority, in a position of control, we can see that they too do not have written plans in their own lives when it comes time to solve a problem creatively.

Thus, you must write your action plan to have the necessary motivation to act; you must become aware of actions that are not working, make new higher choices and thus achieve your goal, which is important to you.

However, if the plan of action comes from others or if you seek to get others to act for you, then you will not have the motivation or commitment to be successful. You will seek to control others and thus create in yourself and also in others stressful relationships.

Our world is not aware of the great value of writing a plan of action because, in our societies, this practice is not used, no matter the level of education. A conscious and evolved person knows full well that a written action plan is what works to accomplish anything.

In my stressful situation, I observed the following beliefs or factors:

  1. I had many beliefs from my teaching
  2. I was not aware of knowing my nature and my power of creation
  3. I needed the others and so count on them to get something
  4. I was fighting people using competition to be among the best
  5. I obeyed the orders of authority to control and direct my life
  6. I thought I had to make a living and have more and more to prove my greatness


My action plan to free me from my chronic stress

To help you better understand, I present the example of my action plan and thus have a different point of view to create your own.

This is my starting strategy which consisted of writing a monthly action plan to use my creative power in thought, in the written word and action. Then to evaluate me at the end of each month with my massage therapist and see if new decisions and actions could be made when they were not producing the expected results or when I did not feel improvements regarding my chronic stress.

In fact, I had to redo my action plan every month, as there are fewer choices (mistakes), progressions, modifications and adjustments continually.


action plan


The reason for failure is almost always the lack of a written action plan!


To finish

Not having measurable expectations and goals are probably the most important things to end chronic stress. However, without consciously creating a course of action by acting on the factors or beliefs that contribute to giving birth or re-birthing, stress is a futile and foolish endeavour.

Creating projects yourself according to an exciting goal to achieve your desire is obviously the key to your well-being. Seeing relationships not to get something but to offer something like states allows us to realize that separation is a great illusion because we believe we are bodies instead of seeing that we are above all beings. , therefore a soul.

Forgetting this causes all the problems in this world, but without the problems, it would be impossible to create something, so we had better not end the problems.

Accepting problems brings a sense of calm, but cursing problems bring stress or fear of living.


Choose a massage therapist attentive to your desire

If you want a temporary solution to your chronic stress relief or a permanent solution to both to relieve your stress and release it once and for all, we invite you to know someone different who intends to understand your desire, your intention and your plan of action?


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