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It’s hard these days to think of relaxing with all the fun, distractions, and obligations that are subconsciously placed on us by the pressure of the environment.

Are you someone who believes that there are not enough hours in a day to do everything you want to do?

Do you go to bed often thinking about the things you haven’t done and the things tomorrow that worry you?

How can you have some time to relax and sleep better if you don’t consciously fit into your routine an hour or two a month to receive a relaxing massage at your home?

Do you understand that you have been conditioned to spend much of your life without consciously choosing your personal desires or making decisions to do yourself good or writing down your commitments to achieve them?


How can I relax quickly and sleep well?



Feelings, emotions and way of thinking

We usually need to relax and sleep well when we feel tense, anxious, stressed or agitated.

But few people intend to understand how these unhappy feelings originated and then react by expressing these states of being through their emotions.

In fact, feelings are results, consequences that arise from our way of thinking and are then expressed, whether or not expelled into the world through emotions.

What matters is not to control, repress, hold back or manage your emotions, but to understand them, to observe in you the process that gives rise to them and thus consciously choose not to express them and, therefore, not to harm yourself or others.

If you feel good and you express this feeling by one of your 5 emotions received at birth (grief, anger, desire, fear and love), then you will create a good and natural result, but if you do not feel unwell and you express that feeling with one of your 5 emotions that are no longer natural, then you are creating an unnatural result that is not good.

The vast majority of people deeply believe in expressing their unhappy feelings, but this only forgets to observe themselves and forget to perceive that they are reacting without any other choice. Hence, they express these unhappy feelings utilizing their emotions which are no longer natural at all.

It never occurs to people to want to accept and understand their current feelings and avoid expressing them when they are not feeling well. And yet, it is enough to “do nothing,” therefore to accept it, to let go, when one experiences an unhappy feeling so that it comes to an end by the action of our attention on this feeling and thus choose consciously not to express it from an unhappy feeling.


5 emotions


What are the different types of relaxing massage?

During a relaxation massage therapy session, the massage therapist uses gentle to medium manipulation techniques on the surface layers of body tissue.

Contrary to deep tissue massage, it does not attack the connective tissue of the muscles, although it does a great job of relieving tired muscles. The massage therapist typically works on your back, neck, arms, and legs using gentle kneading motions and long strokes.

As with other services, there is an enhanced relaxation massage where the client can indulge in other treatments in addition to standard massage therapy. Here is a list of relaxation massages that you must try to relax and sleep well:

  • Swedish massage: It is a full body massage that combines gentle kneading, tapping and long movements directed towards the heart to improve blood and lymphatic circulation. The Swedish massage is ideal for anyone requesting a massage for the first time or just looking to reduce their stress levels after a long and tiring day.
  • Hot stone massage: This relaxing massage involves placing heated stones on specific body parts, such as the back, shoulders, legs and feet, to warm and relax the muscles. Once they are warm enough, the massage therapist can begin to apply slow, gentle movements to your body. She can also rub the heated stones against your back, shoulders, and legs to relieve pain, stress, and toxins stored in your body.
  • Aromatherapy massage: This relaxing massage helps release your negative thoughts. It is a type of massage that benefits in synchronization with your body and mind. During an aromatherapy massage, the massage therapist applies gentle Swedish massage techniques to the soft tissues of your body as the soothing scent of essential oils diffuses into the air to intensify your level of relaxation. The oils can also be applied to your body if requested.


How to relax and sleep well?

The relaxation process involves changing the way you think about yourself when you are tense, anxious, stressed or agitated.

Essentially, this is done by carefully and consciously observing how you think when you feel unhappy. This attention is an action of your mind and allows you to start breathing more deeply and thus reduce your heartbeat.

There is no magic, just basic steps that anyone can do and thus bring you a feeling of relaxation during your relaxing massage and then do it again in any circumstance where you will be tense, restless or stressed.

Additionally, there is no set time to experience conscious relaxation. It can last as little as a minute or two or last as long as you want.


How to choose a massage therapist for a relaxation massage?

The definition of relaxation varies from person to person. One may pair it with a gentle Swedish massage, while another may prefer to apply more pressure to their muscle layers. That said, it is important to work with a massage therapist whose style reflects the type of massage you need and, most importantly, a massage therapist who listens to your situations and desires.

A relaxation massage therapist is trained in essential massage gestures for Swedish massage, including effleurage, circular friction massage, vibration, tapping and kneading. In addition to being highly skilled, they know how to behave in an empathetic and passionate manner in your home.

She recognizes that each person is unique and has their own preference, so what works for one may not work for the other. This mindset never fails them when it comes to meeting your expectations and requests. Qualification and compassion are key when looking for a massage therapist who can provide you with an unforgettable relaxation massage.


Choose massage therapists who are attentive to your situation.

If you want a unique massage to relax or free yourself from your pain, discomfort, or suffering, isn’t it wise and sensible to turn to massage therapists who know what you are doing? Live?


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