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People who want a massage are often confused between the different forms or types of massage.

Much worse, they often tend to identify them as the same things, when in fact, most types of massage are unique.

This frequently happens with Swedish massages and deep tissue massage. The two types of massage are considered to be the same. However, you have to figure out the details to know that the two are not similar at all.

When clients are planning a massage, our massage therapists’ most frequently asked questions are usually “what is the difference between a Swedish massage and a deep tissue massage?” or “which one would you recommend?”

For starters, most people know they’re looking for something to loosen up tight muscles, target pressure points, and relax, but they’re still not quite sure what to ask for.

In the end, they tend to choose the option that they feel is the least invasive and the most comfortable.

For this reason, the Swedish massage, which is a relaxation massage, is often the most requested. And while massage therapists can do their best to provide recommendations, you can have better results if you understand the fundamental differences between the two types of massage and decide for yourself what you need.


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Swedish massage

Introduced in 1812, Swedish massage has five basic principles, which include:

  • Give lengthy and gentle movements;
  • Gentle kneading of muscles;
  • The application of therapeutic friction;
  • The tapping;
  • The constant vibration.

Combining these techniques ensures maximum circulation and relaxation, which develops the flexibility of the person being massaged. It is no wonder that many people these days have wanted to learn the art of Swedish massage.

In addition, Swedish massage uses a sheet to cover certain body parts during the session itself, and this sheet is then moved systematically throughout the massage. Overall, a Swedish massage is relaxing because it is a serene and calming form of massage.


Deep tissue massage

The other prevalent type of massage is deep tissue massage.

It targets three central muscle regions, namely:

  • The neck area;
  • The back region;
  • The region of the fascia or connective tissue.

Massage goes by this name because it is meant to penetrate deeper into the underlying muscle layers. Deep tissue massage is intended to relieve all those tense muscles below the surface carefully.

Additionally, many of the principles used for deep tissue massage are also present in Swedish massage, but deep tissue massage is somewhat more energetic.

Additionally, this form of massage focuses on problematic or painful areas, meaning it targets overworked stiff muscle areas rather than constantly working on the back and neck areas.

However, no matter how naturally intense this massage can be, it won’t hurt as much as many people have come to believe.


In summary

Swedish massage is a gentler and more serene massage than deep tissue massage, which is more intense and powerful.

Swedish massage is ideal for susceptible skin types who easily endure rashes, mainly when strong friction and rubbing are applied.

Swedish massage is the massage of choice for those usually stressed by problems at work or home.

Deep tissue massage is for those who suffer from chronic pain, have participated in many strenuous activities, or are continually troubled by previous injuries.


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